American Airlines App


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American Airlines App

American Airlines App




The American Airlines app is free and allows you to manage your American Airlines flights. Your American Airlines app is there to help you at every stage of your journey, from in-flight entertainment to seat assignments to your boarding pass to airport maps to your boarding pass.


You can find the App Store (iOS devices).

Google Play Store (Android Devices)


New Features


Enjoy free entertainment

The app allows you to stream American Airlines' free inflight entertainment directly to your smartphone.


Food on-the-go

You can pre-order food at airport restaurants and have it delivered to your seat before you board.

Same-day updates
Plan changes can be made by choosing a different flight the same day (fees may apply).


Track your bag

You can check the status of your bags at flight; you can make delivery arrangements if they are delayed


Personal Experience

Register to receive information specific to your trip right when you need it

It's also available on the Apple Watch

All the right information for travel, at your fingertips.

  • Check out upcoming trips
  • Driving time to the airport
  • Find out where you are now and where you'll be landing.
  • Find information about baggage claim and connecting gates


American Airlines' upgraded app will allow you to make the most out of all your American Airlines inflight entertainment. You can stream American Airlines' inflight entertainment directly from your smartphone.

It's just one of many capabilities. There's more! American Airlines' app allows you to pre-order food and track your bag status while on the move. It also offers airport maps and seat assignment capabilities.

You can also see what's happening on your wrist by simply looking at the Apple Watch.

The American Airlines app can be found in the App Store (iOS devices) and the Play Store (Android devices).


Let me walk you through how I got those Always5Star seats using the app.

  1. Download the app to your smartphone (if not already done).
  2. Log in to your account and view a list all of your flight reservations. Select the reservation you wish to search for availability.

3: After you've selected this option, you'll be taken to your current seat assignments. This example shows that my husband and I were assigned seats 1 and 2. These are First Class bulkheads seats because this is my preference. My preference is for an aisle seat. My husband prefers the window. This seating arrangement was perfect for me. But I could have changed my seats if necessary. The "X" seats cannot be changed because they are already assigned. The dark blue seats, however, are still available. I could have chosen to change my seat.



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