does United Airlines offer Gift Cards

United Airlines Gift Cards

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does United Airlines offer Gift Cards

United Airlines Gift Cards

Did you ever receive gift cards for holidays that you didn't like? Good news! There's good news! Here's how it works.


United States that they accept merchant gift cards of all types on the MileagePlus website. A link is provided at the bottom of this page to the list of merchants that the program accepts. These merchants include Best Buy, Sears, and Starbucks.

Not all merchants listed on the website can be exchanged. Southwest Airlines and Home Depot are not included in this list. Many merchants can be exchanged including HP and North Face.

If your family isn't aware that you are loyal United, your gift card can be traded for United miles. You cannot purchase gift cards from Alaska Delta or Frontier, Hawaiian JetBlue Southwest Spirit, Spirit, Spirit, Sun Country, or Hawaiian JetBlue with the MileagePlus gift certificate exchange.

Redemption Rate

United offers a chart listing the minimum award miles. This could make it appear that other options offer more miles than these rates. To confirm, I checked dozens of merchants.

No matter what the chart says, you can exchange $25, $50 and $100 gift cards. You can exchange any gift card with a minimum balance of $15. My knowledge is that the value of the gift card multiplied with 26.6 and then rounded to 10 miles. The rate is 3.70-3.76 Cents/mile depending on how much you trade in. Let's take, for instance:

  • $15 gift cards = 400 United miles (3.75 cents per mile).
  • $20 gift cards = 540 United miles (3.70 cents per mile).
  • $25 gift cards = 670 United miles (3.73 cents per mile).
  • $30 gift cards = 800 United miles (3.75 cents per mile).
  • $40 gift cards = 1,070 United miles (3.74 cents per mile).
  • $50 gift cards = 1,330 United miles (3.76 cents per mile).
  • $100 gift cards = 2,660 United miles (3.76 cents per mile).

This rate is much higher than TPG’s valuation of 1.13 cents per United Mile. Gift cards are therefore not an attractive option. This may be worth looking into if you prefer miles to gift cards.

United seems to be consistent. You can purchase United miles at $35 per 1,000 miles if United does not have a buy miles promotion. After taxes and fees, the rate is 3.76c per mile.

Be aware of the Limitations

Before you can sell gift card cards, your MileagePlus Gift Card Exchange account should be open for at most 90 consecutive days. Your account must be in good standing according to the program's conditions.

United will give you a quote on a $10 gift card. However, the terms and conditions state that gift cards must have at least $15 balance. You may be allowed to spend a maximum.

The MileagePlus Gift Card Exchange allows you to sell gift certificates and the miles will be sent to your United account within five business days.

United Airlines offers a unique way to earn airline mile. It's similar to shopping online but you don’t need to go through a portal. Instead, you can simply open the United MileagePlus X App to find the store that you want to buy from. You can then purchase an eGift Card from that store using the App. Earn miles for every purchase of an eGift Card. You can earn 0.5 to 5 miles for every $1 spent in the app's shops. You can use the eGift card online or in-store to make payment for your purchase.

To purchase an Amazon product, I would first purchase an Amazon gift code. Then I would go to Amazon and choose the item I wish to buy. When I pay for the item, instead of selecting a credit card file or entering my credit card details, I would enter the gift-card number.

You can store multiple credit cards with the United MileagePlus X App. It is easy to buy eGift card. Click on the store to click "Pay Now". Next, enter your desired amount and click "Pay Now". The transaction will be completed once you have entered your United Airlines password. You will receive the gift card number for payment.

You have an exclusive opportunity to earn airmiles:

  • The app is unique in that it gives you the ability to earn miles unlike any other. United's app lets you earn air miles even though gift cards purchased from shops via shopping portals are not eligible.
  • You cannot access many of the stores in the MileagePlus X App through a shopping portal. The MileagePlus X App is the only way to earn miles for shopping at these stores.
  • Shop online and double dip to earn miles Instead of going to the store, you can use the United MileagePlus X App's shopping portal to pay with the gift certificate. You earn United miles for purchasing a gift card. Additionally, you can earn miles through the portal of your airline. If you buy the gift cards using an airline credit card, you can also earn miles.!
  • MileagePlus X is now available online. The gift card can be purchased in-store at a cash register. Simply show the cashier your egift card and they'll enter the gift card number. This is great for restaurants that are not able to shop online.

The App allows you to purchase the exact amount that you require in eGift Cards for many stores. You can purchase a $67.43 gift card, which is $67.43 if you spend $67.43. You can buy gift cards from certain stores, such as Amazon. These gift cards are limited to a specific amount. For example, you can only purchase $25, $50 or $100 gift cards.

A United MileagePlus Chase Card can help you earn 25% more miles. This bonus does not require you to use the United MileagePlus Chase Card in the app. To get the credit card, you can just have it.

Bottom Line

You won't get a high rate if you trade in unwanted gift cards. However, it's nice to be able redeem these gift certificates for something you really need. A better rate may be found online with a program like Card Cash.

Only United miles can be used to exchange for a MileagePlus gift card. If you don't intend to use the gift card soon, you might consider selling it.

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