Binter Canarias Airlines

Binter Canarias Airlines

Binter Canarias Airlines, Telde Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain, 35230


Phone : +34 902 391 392

Website : Binter Canarias Airlines

Founted : 1989; 33 years ago

Key People : Pedro Agustín del Castillo Machado (CEO)

About  Binter Canarias Airlines

Binter Canarias S. is the national airline of the Spanish autonomous community of the Canary Islands, based at the premises of Gran Canaria Airport in Telde, Gran Canaria and Tenerife North Airport, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Spain. It is one regional airline operating inter-island connections within the Canary Islands and other Atlantic islands. The affiliated airlines fly to Morocco, mainland Spain, Portugal and Western Sahara on behalf of Binter.

The airline was announced on April 18February 1988 and began operations on  March 26, 1989. It was founded as a subsidiary of Iberia. Binter Canarias started out as a regional airline and is currently the only one serving the eight airports in the Canary Islands. Binter also operates connections to Marrakesh, Dakar, Ayoun in Africa; Madeira and Lisbon in Portugal; salt in Cape Verde; and Vigo and Mallorca in Spain.

The airline also flies to the island of Madeira and serves the capital, Funchal.Regular flights to the cities of Bergamo and Paris were attempted but later canceled as unsuccessful projects. Today Air Nostrum has regular flights to Lisbon and Cape Verde for  technical crew and aircraft (CRJ) hire. The airline also serves Africa: it operates regular flights to Marrakech and Casablanca in Morocco and El Ayoun in Western Sahara, as well as charter flights to Nouadibou and Nouakchott in Mauritania.

Binter Canarias Airlines Reservations

Binter Canarias Airline booking numbers

you can book the flight online for further onformation contact

Customer Service

Suggestions, complaints and claims

+34 (922) or (928) 327 746 / +34 900 533 256

+34 928 327 747

If you want to send us a query or complaint use this form.

Binter Canarias Airline Classes

These are the classes


Economy plus



Binter Canarias Airlines Facilities

If you want to preselect your seat on our flights, all you have to do is access your reservation with your locator and last name. If you would like to add an extra piece of baggage on our domestic and international flights, simply log into your reservation using your reservation reference and last name.

Binter Canarias Airlines popular Destinations and Hubs

Binter Canarias Airlines popular Destinations  are Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Cabo Verde,and hubs are Tenerife Norte AirportGran Canaria AirportLa Palma Airport

Binter Canarias Airline Check-in and boarding pass

In addition to airport check-in counters, we have  online check-in service through our website, mobile website or APP to get boarding pass. Get your boarding pass from 24 hours before and until check-in closes. No Checked Baggage: The boarding pass can be obtained from any Internet access, and if there is no checked baggage, the passenger can go directly to the boarding gate. With Checked Baggage: If you have checked baggage, you can check in online, but you must go through the   counters before boarding. Online check-in is available for inter-island flights in the Canary Islands, domestic flights excluding Vitoria and San Sebastián, and international flights to and from France, Italy and Portugal.BinterMás customers can collect points for the corresponding flight by entering the card number during online check-in.

Binter Canarias Airline Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

The carriage of baggage not included in the franchise is subject to the availability of space in the aircraft hold. You can consult the conditions by  route or specific fare by calling our telephone service on +34 928 327 700, in a travel agency or in our airport sales offices.

Pet policy

The transport of animals is subject to certain restrictions. The availability of this service depends on the characteristics of the animal and the capacity of the flight. The service can be requested at the time of purchase via the website by checking the appropriate box or by calling our telephone service (+34 928 327 700).

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Binter Canarias is one of the main airlines in Spain, committed to offering a wide range of national and international flights. If you are ready to cancel your flight with Binter Canarias, you should check the Binter Canarias cancellation policy before proceeding. 24-hour cancellation policy (depending on the country of origin  and airlines) In response to passengers' needs and situations, Binter Canarias introduces a 24-hour cancellation policy. Binter  Canarias offers passengers more flexibility and advantages in managing their reservation.According to Binter Canarias' 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers can cancel a flight booked with Binter Canarias within 24 hours of purchase. Binter Canarias will fully refund the cost of your ticket if the reservation was made at least one week before the departure date. of your flight from Binter Canarias. Binter Canarias' right to modify the cancellation at any time within 24 hours. This data is collected from different sources, may not have the guaranteed policy change on Binter  Canarias side.Contact Binter Canarias directly on the official telephone number +34 902 391 392 for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

BinterMás cardholders gain points that can be exchanged for awards and free gifts as well as enjoying exclusive benefits, depending on their type of card.

As a BinterMás Green card holder you have priority on the standby list for Binter Canarias, preferential attention on +34 928 327 700 and advance information on offers.

A BinterMás Silver cardholder has the following advantages on Binter Canarias flights: higher priority on standby lists, exclusive customer service telephone +34 928 327 701, telephone check-in, additional free weight of 10 kg and priority baggage handling.

Binter Canarias Airlines Policies

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