Belavia airline

Belavia airline

Belavia airline, Minsk city,, Minsk,, Belarus, 220004


Phone : (+375 17) 220-25-55

Website : Belavia airline

Founted : 5 March 1996

Key People : Igor Nikolaevich Cherginets, Director-general

About Belavias

Belavia, also known as Belavia Belarusian Airlines, was founded in Minsk. It is the state-owned airline and flag carrier of Belarus.After the Ryanair Flight 4978 accident on 23 May 2021 the airline was banned from the European Union and the United Kingdom, Switzerland Ukraine, Ukraine, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Belavias Reservations

Belavia booking numbers

+375 17 220 25 55
106 (Beltelecom, MTS, A1, Life)

Belavia Classes

Travel Class-Belavia offers four types of travel.
Business Class - Belavia offers Business class passengers comfortable recliner seats and the ability to cancel reservations without penalty. Infants get a discount of 90% and the cabin class allows for generous baggage allowance. VIP service is provided to guests and hot meals are included onboard.
Economy Flexible - Passenger with a valid passport can book economy class seats with Belavia. They also have the option to cancel, change or modify their reservation without any penalty.
Economy Semiflexible: Passengers who travel in the Semi-flexible fare cannot modify, cancel or change their tickets prior to departure. This fare allows passengers to board with generous baggage allowance.
Economy Restricted - This fare type allows passengers to cancel, change or modify their flight before they depart. However, it is limited in terms of baggage allowance.
Economy Promotion This heavily discounted fare type does not allow for any changes to the reserved ticket, but allows for a minimal baggage allowance for all guests. Tickets are only available during promotions and special occasions

Belavias Facilities

Belavia offers a pre-book/buy-on-board menu, which includes hot/cold snacks and drinks. To request any special meals, contact the airline 24 hours before departure to learn more. 

Belavia assists guests who have special needs. Passengers who need mobility support during a flight will receive wheelchair services. Any support requests should be directed to the airline.

Belavias popular Destinations and Hubs

Before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit , Belavia flew to Asia, Europe and Africa from its base in Minsk National Airport. Belavia also operates charter flights to leisure and VIP charter destinations. It served one domestic destination, 54 international destinations and 32 countries on the day of the Ryanair flight 4978 forced takedown. The subsequent ban on Belarusian airlines entering the EU, UK, and Ukrainian airspace has effectively made the airline ineligible for all but twenty destinations.

Belavia Check-in and boarding pass

Only at the airport check-in desks are available for passengers who wish to check in for codeshare and charter flights operated by Belavia.

To check in baggage and pass preflight inspection, as well as fulfill any requirements regarding border, customs, or other control requirements, the passenger must be at the airport prior to departure. The airline will provide the start of the procedures approximately two hours prior to departure.

Please bring your luggage to the Belavia counter.40 minutes prior to departure, the boarding gate will close. You can change your boarding gate number. On arrival at the airport, please ask for the number of your boarding gate. Any passenger arriving late for boarding may be refused transportation. We ask that you take your time.The baggage rules are important. You will be charged excess baggage for baggage that exceeds the baggage allowance.

It is strictly prohibited to transport live animals on Belavia Airlines OJSC flights from the Republic of Belarus as baggage, cargo, or hand luggage. Belavia allows the return transport of live animals between points in the UK and the Republic of Belarus.

You can change or return your ticket after you have completed the online check-in process. Please contact our call center at +375 17 220 25 55 55, 106 (only for Belarus) or the local office. Representative office of Belavia .

Belavia Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

Current Belavia Baggage Benefit Rules for Economy Class

According to the updated rules at the end of October 2017 (and an update at November 2019), Economy Class offers 1 person a free bag allowance.

  • - For tariffs Promo Light 1 item of hand luggage, up to 10 kg, and no check in baggage
  • 1 piece hand luggage of up to 10 kg, 1 piece check-in baggage of up to 23kg for Smart.
  • 1 piece hand luggage of up to 10 kg, 1 piece check-in baggage of up to 32kg for Flex tariff

For exceeding weight, by size, or by number, the fee is EUR50/60/PS50. This fee does NOT depend on where the flight is headed or how many excess kilograms are being carried. This means that the 50 euro fee applies to any flight where the allowance is exceeded.

Current Belavia Baggage Benefit Rules for Business Class.These changes have not affected Business Class. The 1 person complimentary baggage allowance in business class is:

2 pieces of checked-in baggage each weighing no more than 32 kg each + 2 pieces of hand luggage each weighing 10 kilograms

For exceeding weight, by size, or by number, the fee is EUR50/ $60/ PS50. This fee does NOT depend on where the flight is headed or how many excess kilograms are being carried. This means that the 50 euro fee applies to any flight where the allowance is exceeded.

Additional Belavia Baggage Free Rules

Additionally, every Belavia passenger may carry these items at no cost:

  • 1 handbag, 1 briefcase or 1 backpack, or 1 bag (bag) with a camera, video camera, laptop or other electronic device (maximum 5 kg, maximum size 40x30x10cm), or 1 suit and 1 bag (or one parcel of purchases from the Duty Free shop).
  • Baby cradle/ stroller, car seats or boosters for children between 0 and 2 years. You can also use a wheelchair or another type of vehicle for passengers with limited mobility.

Pet policy

Airline approval is required before animals can be transported. Transport of live animals in soft bags (ladies' bag or shopping bag) that are not appropriate for transport is prohibited. It is strictly prohibited.

The free baggage allowance does not include animals (including the container weight). The cost to transport an animal in the cabin is 50 EUR/60 USD/50 GBP*.

You can transport animals in the cabin as either hand luggage (weight combined with the container to 8 kg) or on a separate passenger seat (weight combined with the container to 23 kg).A fee will be charged for transporting an animal in hand luggage.A fee is required to transport an animal on a separate passenger seat.

Transport of animals within the hold costs are:

  • Up to 8kg - 130 EUR/ 160 USD/ 120 GBP*
  • From 8 to 32 kg - 150 EUR/180 USD/130 GBP*
  • From 32 to 70 kg - 180 EUR/ 220 USD/ 160 GBP*

* The rate in USD applies only to Israel. The rate in GBP is only applicable for Great Britain. All other points of sale are subject to the EUR rate.

These documents are required for air transport of animals.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

An e-ticket purchased via the official website creates an air carriage agreement between Belarusian Airlines (the passenger) and itself. All obligations are directly between these parties, regardless of whether the passenger paid for the ticket or not. You can cancel the air transportation agreement by:

  • Passenger;
  • 'Belavia' Belarusian Airlines.

It is possible to cancel the air transport agreement:

  • voluntary (on request by either party);
  • Involuntary (for reasons that are beyond the control of either party, such as flight cancellations, schedule changes, etc.

The online purchase of an e-ticket shall not be refunded unless you fill out the Application for Flight Cancellation and Refund.

  • Passenger or his/her proxy if passenger is full-age and legally competent;
  • Passenger's legal representative (parents, adoptive parent, guardians, or curators), if the passenger is under 18 or legally incompetent.

A person who purchased the e-ticket online may request a refund if an Application to flight cancellation and refund has been completed by the passenger (or his/her proxy, or legal representative).

Belavias Customer Care phone numbers

+375 17 220 25 55
106 (Beltelecom, MTS, A1, Life)


Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

This information is confidential and can only be obtained by a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The site allows children to purchase tickets only if they are booked with an adult.

We are unable to display tickets from another booking system.


  • e-mail
  • phone: +375 17 279 25 35

Tickets are priced based on availability at a particular date.

Belavia airline Policies

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