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Bearskin Air

Bearskin Air

Bearskin Air, Thunder Bay,, Ontario, Canada, n/a

Key People : John Hegland, founder


Phone : (807) 474-2646

Website : Bearskin Air

Founted : July 17, 1963; 59 years ago

About Bearskin Air 

Bearskin Lake Air Service LP (also known as Bearskin Airlines) is a regional air carrier based in Thunder Bay. Ontario, Canada. It is a Perimeter Aviation subsidiary and offers services in Manitoba, northern Ontario, and southern Manitoba. Its main base in Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT) and a hub located at Greater Sudbury Airport (YSB).

Bearskin Air Reservations

Bearskin Air booking numbers.

Contact our Customer Service Team using the numbers below if you require immediate assistance.

For Bearskin Airlines travel, please dial 1-800-465-2327

For Perimeter Aviation travel, please dial 1-800-665-8986

Email for media inquiries

For COVID-19 inquires please email

Bearskin Air Classes

Bearskin Airlines has one type of aircraft, the Fairchild Metroliner.

The Fairchild Metro was designed by Ed Swearingen, a legendary aircraft designer. It is a stretched version Swearingen's Merlin II corporate turboprop. It was specifically built to serve the regional market. More than 1000 Metros, Merlins, and other regional aircraft have been built since its introduction. This makes the Metro and its derivatives one of the most loved in the industry. Bearskin only operates one type of aircraft, the Fairchild Metroliner. These 19-passenger, pressurized aircraft are equipped with twin turbine engines and offer extraordinary speed and range.

Bearskin Air Facilities

Bearskin Airlines offers Bereavement Fares to those who have to fly because of the imminent or actual death of a family member. Immediate family member is defined as: spouse, child, (includes adopted / step / grand), parent, (includes step / grand), legal guardian (with proof of judgment) and spouse of legal guardian, brother, sister, (includes step / half / in-law), father/mother-in-law, daughter/son-in-law, sister/brother-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece and nephew.

Bereavement travel policies offer special bereavement fares, and/or waivers of certain terms and conditions throughout the system. Other discounts cannot be applied. Sometimes, you may find lower-priced fares. Although these fares offer maximum flexibility to passengers who have to travel in a time of family crisis, they are not the lowest available.

Bearskin Air popular Destinations and Hubs

As of August 2022, Bearskin Airlines has 15 domestic and 0 international destinations.


Fort Frances


North Bay

Red Lake

Sault Ste. Marie.

Bearskin Air Check-in and boarding pass

Bearskin Airlines Check-in Times: Bearskin Airlines Online check in opens from 48 to 30 minutes before your scheduled flight time. At the end of Bearskin Airlines Web Check in, you can print your Boarding Pass (Confirmation Slip).

Bearskin Air Policies

Baggage policy

Checked Baggage

60 lb (27 kg) is the allowance for free baggage per passenger. This includes carry-on, checked and combined baggage. Checked baggage is limited to 4 pieces. Excess baggage (in terms of weight and/or quantity) will result in additional charges.

Carry-on Baggage

Maximum 2 pieces are allowed. They count as part of the baggage allowance weight. Maximum dimensions for carry-on are 40cmx33cmx20cm (16"x13", x7"), and a combined maximum weight of 13 lbs (6kg). You must have the ability to fit your carry-on luggage in the designated sizer located at the check-in counter. All baggage must all be checked-in immediately. Once passenger boarding passes are issued, additional baggage cannot be accepted.

Before checking in, baggage must be securely packed and taped. You should keep these items and any medication in your carry-on baggage or on you person to ensure your security.

Some items are not allowed in your carry-on or checked baggage. You can find a complete list of prohibited and allowed items in our Allowed, Prohibited, and Illegal Items documentation.

Pet Policy

Small pets (subjects to certain restrictions) are allowed year-round inside an aircraft cabin. Larger pets may be transported in the heated cargo section on a season basis (between April 15th and October 15th). All pets must be kept in a pet-approved crate.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund requests must be received within 90 days after the death. Bearskin Airlines ticket counters are open for you to make your request in person or by mail at: Bearskin Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Bearskin Lake Air Service LP is a regional airline based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It operates services in Manitoba and northern Ontario as a part of Perimeter Aviation. Its main base at Thunder Bay International Airport is (YQT), and a hub at Greater Sudbury Airport, (YSB).

Bearskin Lake Air Service LP is a regional airline based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It offers services in Manitoba and northern Ontario. Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT) is its main base, with a hub at Greater Sudbury Airport.

For Bearskin Airlines travel, please dial 1-800-465-2327 For Perimeter Aviation travel, please dial 1-800-665-8986 Media inquiries can be sent to

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