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Bearing Air

Bearing Air, Nome, Alaska, U.S., 99762


Phone : 907-443-5464

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Founted : October 3, 1979

Key People : James Rowe (President and CEO)

About Bearing Air

Bering Air, together with Grant Aviation, Frontier Flying Service, Northern Air loading, PenAir, and Ryan Air Services, participates within the Flying will service, that permits rural Alaskan communities to recycle atomic number 13 cans and currently #1 PET bottles in cooperation with Alaskans for Litter bar and employment.[8] Bering Air provides free delivery on regular flights for flying field a, a store at town flying field that takes orders from remote locations served by Bering Air.[9] E-mail: and 


Book Bering Air Flight Tickets Bering Air is Associate in Nursing yankee airline, that was based in 1979, and is headquartered in town, Alaska, USA. Its main hub is town. Bering Air is working services to thirty two destinations across the planet. fancy hassle-free Bering Air flight booking expertise at Paytm. Bering Air Flight Booking Bering Air is Associate in Nursing yankee primarily based airline providing transportation solutions.

They need a varied fleet of craft and leased flights which offer regular flights at intervals the local people. it's headquarters in town, Alaska. Its main base is town flying field with hubs at Ralph Wien Memorial flying field and Unalakleet flying field. It charters wide conjointly like Lower forty eight North American nation and as far-flung because the Russian Far East. Bering Air conjointly provides air motorcar and eggbeater services. they supply with air loading services still. it's a fleet size if twenty seven. 


Before booking your flight price tag, check varied cashback offers and promotions offered by Paytm on Bering Air to book the most affordable air tickets. we have a tendency to square measure unceasingly providing the most effective offers to create travel expertise higher for all. to grasp additional regarding the provide, select from our array of domestic and flight offers, that is appropriate for you and luxuriate in the expertise of booking with United States of America. Cashback, zero cancellation fees, special advantages and a spread of amenities square measure a number of the advantages we provide. *The baggage policy listed is simply indicative and will not be applicable on bound routes. Please visit your airline for the applicable policy. 

Destination And Hubs

 Bering Air has main hubs at town, Kotzebue, and Unalakleet. It conjointly travels through twenty three destinations providing all types of domestic, loading and leased flight services. It provides traveller and loading services throughout the u. s., Canada, and Russia. Bering Air provides regular traveller services to twenty nine cities in Western AK from the 3 totally different hubs.

Check-In and boarding pass

Bering Air arrival is on the market solely through direct counters at the flying field. it's well to arrival a minimum of 1 hour before the particular time of departure of the flight. The flights are closed twenty minutes before the regular time of departure. Travellers will sign up directly from the Bering Air booth gift in varied native and international airports. they will directly sign up and choose their alternative of seat whether or not it's a bench or Associate in Nursing aisle seat.


Bering Air features a strict {bering|Bering|Vitus Bering|Behring|Vitus Behring|navigator} Air baggage policy. Bering air has the correct to ascertain baggage before issuance tickets. they need the correct to ascertain all loading and every one baggage. Name tags square measure needed altogether the luggage. Bering Air baggage weight allowed is fifty pounds and also the baggage surpassing the limit are charged at the applicable printed excess baggage tariff rate. Bering Air baggage size matters attributable to safety reasons.

Carry-Out Baggage: per rules and norms all types of carry-out baggage ought to be stowed throughout landing and takeoff. Bering Air baggage permit carry-bags as well as tiny backpacks, handbags, and laptops.

REFUND You can request a refund by line the Station wherever your price tag was purchased or write to the subsequent address for process, please confirm you embody your address and phonephone number

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

 Due to changes in Weather and masses, flight times could vary and you're expected to ascertain the time of departure from the Village with the Bering Air Village Agent on the day of Travel

Bering Air features a generous a hundred pound allowance for gratis, extra weight over the a hundred pound allowance are charged at the applicable printed excess baggage rates. If you've got over two hundred pounds of luggage, please decision United States of America seventy two hours before departure to create arrangements for your significant or outsized load.

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