Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal, 9504-528


Phone : (+351) 296 209 720.

Website : Azores Airlines

Founted : 1990 (as OceanAir), 1998 (as SATA Internacional), 2015 (as Azores Airlines)

Key People : Luís Rodrigues (CEO)

About Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines, previously known as SATA International is a Portuguese carrier that is based out of Ponta Delgada. The airline's hub at Ponta Delgada Airport is (PDL). It has flights to all parts of Europe and North America. Azores fly to over 20 destinations.

Azores Airlines was originally founded under the name OceanAir in 1990 and began flying the following year. SATA Air Acores, a Portuguese airline, partially acquired the airline in 1994. In 1998, SATA International, a full-filial acquisition, rebranded the airline and made it SATA International. It continued to use the name SATA International as it expanded its network of international flights to destinations other than Portugal and Azores. Azores airlines was rebranded in 2016 under the same name.

Azores Airlines established a partnership with Cabo Verde Connect Services in 2020. This allows Cabo Verde to charter Azores aircraft for its own flights from Cape Verde.

Azores Airlines Reservations

Azores Airlines booking numbers

Dial 296 209 720

Azores Airlines Classes

Economy Class

Azores Airlines offers Economy Class, which is the simplest of the two cabin types. Although the cabin is simpler than Business Class, it's still a cheaper option.

Economy Class Tickets

Economy Class seats can be set up in a 3x3 arrangement on narrow aircraft or a 2x4x2x2 arrangement on wide aircraft.

Business Class

Business Class Facilities

Executive class meals on outgoing flights from Portugal will be prepared by local chefs. These meals are specially prepared for SATA Business Executive Class flights. They combine traditional ingredients from Madeira and Azores with contemporary and international cuisines to create a unique sensory experience. Modern chinaware with contemporary designs is used to serve meals.

SATA's Business Class passengers will receive the most recent magazines and newspapers. Passengers have a pillow and a wool blanket to make their journey more comfortable. An amenity kit will be given to long-distance passengers. It contains products that make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

You can also check-in and get priority baggage.

Azores Airlines Facilities

Azores Airlines' Cabin Media Player App allows passengers to connect to their devices and enjoy a variety of movies, music, and children's entertainment from the comfort of their own devices.

Before connecting to Azores Airlines' entertainment system in flight, passengers need to download the Cabin Media Player app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. To enjoy the airline's entertainment, passengers must first connect to AirAzores wifi. Once connected, they will need to open the Cabin media Player app to purchase an internet package.

Azores Airlines popular Destinations and Hubs


Cape Verde






United States

Ponta Delgada Airport

Ponta Delgada Joao Paulo II Airport serves as the main airport of the Azores. It is also the hub for Azores Airlines. It has one runway and one terminal building. The airport handles approximately two million passengers annually.

At the moment, Azores Airlines is only airline that has a base at Ponta Delgada Airport. Other airlines that fly to/from Ponta Delgada Airport include Ryanair, SATA SWISS, and TAP Air Portugal.

Azores Airlines Check-in and boarding pass

You can check-in online by selecting the check-in option in the main menu of the homepage.

Online shopping offers many benefits:

  • Speed - You don't have to wait in long lines. You can board directly if you are traveling without baggage or with only cabin baggage.
  • Simplicity It is possible to do it when, where and how you want, all you need is an internet connection.
  • Ecologic No need to print your boarding pass. It can be displayed on your smartphone's or tablet's display.
  • Safety Send your boarding pass to an e-mail or smartphone, and it will be there for you.

Online check-in for all Azores Airlines flights is possible, but not for:

  • SATA Air Acores connect flights to Azores Airlines (connections are possible at any point on the itinerary, provided the flight is available for check in).
  • SATA IMAGINE members have been upgraded to Executive Class with miles.

Azores Airlines Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

Carry-on Baggage

The allowance for carry-on luggage is different depending on which cabin class passengers fly in and what route they are traveling.

Td>3 bags of checked baggage free of charge with a maximum weight 32 kg for all flights

Checked Baggage

Passenger's checked baggage allowance will vary depending on the class of the cabin and the route taken.

All flights are free for babies up to 10kg.

Passenger Goldsky receives an extra +10 kg on top of the usual allowance for their route and cabin class.

Pet policy

  • The cabin can accommodate small pets.
  • SATA Air Acores and Azores airlines flights allow containers to be as large as 55cm in length x 40cm in width x 20cm height.
  • It is only allowed per passenger to transport an animal by container in the cabin and there are limits for acceptance/confirmation of transport, depending on the aircraft;
  • The doors need a fully-secure locking system.
  • The container needs to be properly ventilated for proper air circulation (at minimum 3 areas, including at the door).
  • Ventilation openings need to be small enough that no part the animal's body comes in contact with the exterior.
  • To prevent animals from destroying the interior, the container must be strong and leak-proof.
  • You must place absorbent material on the interior (newspapers and blankets, or paper towels).
  • To prevent accidental escapes, rodents need to be transported in a closed and rigid container.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • Concerning flights departing an EU airport and flights departing an EU airport from a third-country airport to an EU airport (except if you were granted assistance or received benefits)
  • A confirmed reservation is only if you have a valid ticket or other proof that the reservation was accepted by SATA/tour operators) for the flight. You will need to check in at the specified time, and not later than 45 min before the published departure.
  • Only for passengers traveling at a fare directly available to the public.
  • SATA is the flying carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

After you submit your offer, you can cancel it by clicking the Cancel link within the Upgrade Acknowledgment Email you received. An Offer can be canceled or resubmitted up to 24 hours before departure.


You may get your full refund if your flight is cancelled because of an airline error.

You will be notified via email if your upgrade is successful at least 24 hours before departure.

An email notification will be sent to you informing that your Offer has been rejected. Your credit card will not be charged for the amount requested and you can continue to book your original flight.

We may verify that the credit card you have provided is still active as part of the upgrade process. Although this is not a guarantee of your upgrade, it can help us to confirm that your credit card is active.

Azores Airlines Policies

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