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Avianca Honduras

Avianca Honduras, San Pedro Sula, Edif Taragon, Honduras, F34C+CX8


Phone : +50425708222

Website : Avianca Honduras

Founted : 1981 (as Isleña Airlines)

Key People : Arturo Alvarado Wood (Founder)

About Avianca Honduras

Avianca Honduras, a domestic airline based out of San Pedro Sula, flies domestically from its hub at Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport in Honduras. In 1981, the airline was known as Islena Airlines. It was merged with other Grupo TACA subsidiaries in 2014. Avianca Honduras was then renamed Avianca Honduras.

It was one of the most popular airlines in Honduras, and the Central American region. The airline is connected to the TACA or better known as Avianca. Avianca Honduras currently belongs to the Avianca family of Latin American airlines.

The airline's fleet consists of one turboprop ATR 72-606 aircraft, which can carry 68 passengers simultaneously.

Total, Avianca Honduras had four scheduled flights. Three domestic flights were made within Honduras, and one to Guatemala. These destinations are Roatan and San Pedro Sula as well as Tegucigalpa or Guatemala City.

Are you looking for flights to Avianca, Honduras Avianca Honduras offers scheduled passenger flights to Honduras or Guatemala.

Avianca Honduras Reservations

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Avianca Honduras Classes

Economy Class

This airline only operates small flights. The standard Economy class is the only cabin class offered on the aircraft. You can enjoy amenities like a free checked bag and one carry-on, snacks and drinks, and the ability to choose your seat.

The seats are placed in a 2-by-2 arrangement, so that every passenger can sit either by a window or an aisle.

Avianca Honduras Destinations And Hubs

The airline currently schedules flights to 4 destinations in Honduras, Guatemala as of April 2021. Popular destinations include San Pedro Sula and Roatan, Tegucigalpa and Guatemala City. 

San Pedro Sula
Guatemala City

Avianca Honduras Facilities

Service on-board

When food service is available on flights, meals and beverages are prepared by an individual.

In-flight entertainment

Your own entertainment is not available for flights exceeding 3 hours.

Avianca Honduras Check-In

Check In Online

Avianca Honduras customers can check-in online using the online checkout page. Click on the airline logo to be taken to Avianca's online check-in page. To check-in for your Avianca flight online, you can either use your e-ticket number (or your reservation code). Online or web check-in is available 24 hours prior to your flight time

Airport Check In

Avianca Honduras passengers must check in at least three hours prior to departure if they are flying internationally, and one hour before their flight if they are flying domestically. Passengers can also check in at the airport using self-service kiosks. Passengers can simply enter their details in the kiosk and then print their boarding passes at the airport. Check-in for all flights can be done using the self-service kiosk starting 24 hours before departure.

Avianca Honduras Policy

Baggage Policy

Avianca Honduras passengers are entitled to one complimentary checked bag The weight of the hold baggage cannot exceed 23kg and must not exceed 158cm in overall dimension. Additional baggage will be charged at current excess baggage rates.

One piece of hand luggage is allowed per passenger. The luggage must not exceed 115cm in size and should not weigh more than 10kg. These rules are applicable to all passengers flying in any class.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Alternative Airlines allows you to search for and book flights online. Book flights to and from Guatemala and Honduras. Start your search by using the search bar at top of the page. Enter Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport for your departure airport.

Avianca Honduras offers flights to Honduras and Guatemala City.

The airline's ticket rules will determine if your tickets are refundable. You will find the details during the booking process. You may not be aware that you can add flight Insurance to your booking when you book with Alternative Airlines. If you have to cancel your flight due to unforeseen circumstances, you can request a refund.

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