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Phone : (+506) 2296 9096

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Founted : October 17, 1945

Key People : Adrian Neuhauser (Chairman & CEO of Avianca Group), David Aleman (Director)

About Avianca Costa Rica

Pan Am helped to establish the airline in 1945. The airline became the national airline for Costa Rica in 1958, when it was nationalized. TACA of El Salvador acquired the airline in 1992. Later, Avianca of Colombia merged with it. Avianca Costa Rica operates a small fleet A320 family aircraft out of San Jose's Juan Santamaria International Airport. The airline serves a variety of destinations throughout the USA and Latin America.
Avianca Costa Rica is the largest flight company on the planet. The Avianca Costa Rica Airlines seat map is extensive and includes handy locations for long flights. Even though it was founded in 2000, Avianca Costa Rica has made a name for itself in today's sector. This is especially considering its income, fleet size and Avianca Costa Rica seatmap. The fleet is home to a wide range of planes. Avianca Costa Rica has many hubs around the globe, with the largest being in Costa Rica/CITY. The LRC is the corporation's own, which greatly reduces the time required to establish and analyze basic international tech norms regarding carrier layout and functioning, and crash examination. Avianca Costa Rica also adheres to the IATA terms, which are intended to promote, enhance and serve the airline industry. All airplanes owned by a company use LR seat maps. Individuals can search for information about a specific airport and its location using the LRC code ICAO.  

Avianca Costa Rica Reservations

Avianca Costa Rica Booking Numbers

 +506 2242 1000  

Avianca Costa Rica Classes

Economy Class

This design is simpler and can be found between rows 15 through 32. The client will get a lower price and additional services to personalize their travel experience. The pre-reclined chair has an integrated stand and USB ports.

Premium Class

This model was created exclusively for Avianca by Recaro. It will be on the first three rows. This seat will offer the most comfort for those who travel with maximum comfort. It will feature a central console that has individual compartments and a USB port, as well as a recliner.

Plus Class

For those who want to be closer to the door for disembarking, there is also a Plus option. This seat is available between rows 4-14. It has a light and comfortable design, a 6 position independent headrest for better rest and an independent stand for personal electronic gadgets, USB ports, and recline up.

Avianca Costa Rica Facilities

The benefits and facilities provided in the Avianca Lounge are independent of the air transport service to which a traveler is entitled during the execution of the transport contract with any of the airlines affiliated with Avianca Group.

Avianca Costa Rica Popular Destinations And Hubs

The airline currently schedules flights to Central America and North America as of January 2021. These cities are San Andres and San Jose, San Salvador, San Salvador, San Salvador, Guatemala City Flores, Roatan San Pedro Sula, Panama City, San Andres and San Salvador. 

  • San José
  • Havana
  • Santo Domingo
  • Guayaquil
  • Quito
  • San Salvador
  • Guatemala City
  • San Pedro Sula
  • Tegucigalpa
  • Cancún
  • Mexico City
  • Monterrey

Avianca Costa Rica Check-In And Boarding Pass

The first thing a passenger should do when they arrive at an airport is check-in. This is because airline regulations require that passengers check in before departure. If you are able to check in online, you can also use digital board passes.

Avianca Costa Rica Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

There are two types baggage that can be carried on an airplane: checked baggage and carry-on baggage. Each is treated differently. Transport companies have strict rules regarding the size and weight of each type. The limiting factor for checked baggage is usually weight.

Pet Policy

Your furry friend can travel with you as long as he or she can stand and turn in an FAA-approved pet carrier that can fit under your seat. You may need to weigh your pet and the carrier together in some cases. Please check with your airline.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

You can book your new trip online if your ticket was purchased directly through Avianca offices, or call center. You can also program your new trip directly with Allied Travel Agencies if your ticket was purchased at one of our offices.

You can request an Avianca voucher to the same amount as your ticket. It will be sent within four days. What is the difference between fare difference and change penalty?

If the ticket was purchased through our direct channels (, call center) and points of sale (with routes not flown because of flight cancellations between March 4 and October 31, 2020), the voucher is valid for passengers in the reservation. The voucher can only be used until December 31, 2021. It has a maximum flight date in December 31, 2021.

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avianca costa rica Policies

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