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Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways, Sorvargur, Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands, 380


Phone : +298 34 10 00

Website : Atlantic Airways

Founted : 1987

Key People : Jóhanna á Bergi (CEO)

Air Atlantic Airway

Atlantic Airways, the Faroe Islands' national airline, operates domestic and international helicopter services from Vagar Airport on the Faroese Island of Vagar. It also handles search and rescue duties. The Faroese Pilot Association is the majority of its pilots.

Atlantic Airways, the Faroe Islands' national airline, flies international passenger flights from Vagar Airport. It also flies domestic helicopter flights within Denmark.The airline was founded in 1987 and began flights in 1988. Faroese citizens were able to fly from Vagar to Copenhagen for their first time. In 1995, the airline launched its first international flights to Reykjavik (with Air Iceland), and Narsarsuaq (with Air Iceland). Since then, it has expanded its route network to include flights to Paris, Edinburgh, and Barcelona.

The airline currently flies directly to over 10 destinations.

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Air Atantic Airway Reservations

Air Atlantic Airway Booking Numbers.

Virgin Atlantic Local Offices

Contact Number for Country

USA +1 800 862 8521

South Africa +27 11 340 3400

India 1800 102 3000

Caribbean +1 800 744 7577 &+1 246 228 4886

Air Atlantic Airway Classifications

Standard seating is available on the airline, but there's only one class -- Economy Class. There are three options for fares within this class: low, flexible, and flex+. These fares decide whether the ticket can be refunded or changed. They also determine benefits like baggage allowance, fast boarding passes, lounge access, and lounge access.

Economy Facilities

Passengers have the option to enjoy delicious meals from the airline's selected menu. This includes the popular sandwich choices. You can also pass the time by reading the Atlantic Review airline magazine or the airline's in-flight entertainment system.

Air Atlantic Airway Facilities

In-Flight Entertainment

Atlantic AirFi allows passengers to connect to their personal electronic devices (laptops, tablets, and mobile) to get access to a variety of movies and TV shows, as well as the latest news from Faroe Island.

Passengers need only to connect to Atlantic AirFi to stream any type of entertainment completely free!


Atlantic Airways does not have a WIFI network available that can be connected to the internet. It does have a WIFI network that allows passengers to connect to its in-flight entertainment system.


Passengers may purchase snacks, meals, and drinks in flight. Some flights allow passengers to preorder meals.

There are a variety of sandwiches and wraps available from the airline, which vary depending on the day.

Frequent Flyer

Atlantic Airways offers its customers exclusive benefits and awards through the Sulubonus program. When you travel with Atlantic Airways, Sulubonus members can earn points that can be used for bonus flights. Passenger membership can be upgraded to the GOLD or BASALT levels depending on how many basic points you have. Both of these levels offer a variety of additional benefits.

Air Atlantic Airway Popular Destinations and Hubs

Hub Airport

Vagar Airport

Vagar Airport serves the Faroe Islands. It is a self-governing territory in Denmark. Vagar Airport serves as Atlantic Airways' main operating base. It has one runway and one terminal building. The airport handles more than 400,000 passengers annually.Atlantic Airways is the only airline that has a base at the airport. SAS Scandinavian Airlines also fly to/from the airport.

Atlantic Airways Destinations

Many international passenger services are offered by the airline from Vagar Airport to European destinations, as shown in the table below.


Denmark Aalborg Aalborg Airport AAL

Denmark Billund Billund Airport BLL

Denmark Copenhagen Copenhagen Airport CPH

Faroe Islands Vagar Vagar Airport FAE

France Chambery Chambery Airport CMF

Greece Chania Chania International Airport CHQ

Iceland Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport KEF

Iceland Reykjavik Reykjavik Airport RKV

Air Atantic Airway Boarding Pass and Check-in

Online Check-In

Check-in can be done online by passengers using the Atlantic Airways check in page. Click the "check-in" tab, enter their last name, and the reservation number. Online check-in can be done from all airports except Aalborg (AAL).

Passengers can check in online via the airline website up to 48 hours before departure. You can also check in via mobile text up to 22 hours before your flight departs.

Airport Check-In

You can check in at the airport by visiting the check-in desk of your airline with all the required travel documents.

Check-in at the following airports can be done using a self service kiosk

Vagar (FAE)

Copenhagen (CPH)

Billund (BLL)

Bergen (BGO)

To ensure sufficient time for check in, passengers should arrive no less than two hours before the flight.

Air Atlantic Airway Policy

Baggage Policy


All flights with fixed-wing aircraft are subject to the baggage allowance.

Carry-On Baggage

A free 8-kg carry-on allowance is available to passengers. The dimensions of this baggage cannot exceed 55 cm x 40cm x 25cm (21.6"x15.7"x9.6").

A small personal item, such as a bag or laptop, can be carried by passengers onboard.

Pet Policy

Atlantic Airways allows pets to travel with them if their combined weight is not more than 17 lbs (8kg). For the duration of your flight, animals should be placed under the seat in front. Atlantic Airways charges a 199 DKK per segment for pets travelling in the cabin.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase of tickets on, or through our Customer Service, we offer a 24-hour money-back guarantee. However, this must be done at least three hours before departure. Refunds are not possible on tickets that have been used. Refunds after 24 hours are subject to service fees.

Air Atlantic Airway Customer Service Phone Numbers

Calling from the USA

Customer Centre: +1 800 862 852.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Canada and the U.S.

Language Phone Hours (CT)

English 800 433-7300 24 Hours

Spanish 800-633-33711 24 hours

French 800-756-813613 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Portuguese 866-824-88717 6 a.m.-7 p.m.

Need assistance with booking? We are available Monday through Friday, between 9:15 am and 5:15 pm. Alternatively you can email us on

Can you text Virgin Atlantic Yes, you can text Virgin Atlantic to connect to the customer service team (1-800-862-8621 / 1-802-300-4797)regarding any sudden problem.

Our new WhatsApp service is now available. If you are on a mobile device, you can reach us via WhatsApp Web.

Atlantic Airways Policies

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