American Airlines Baggage Policy

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American Airline Baggage Policy

American Airlines Carry on Baggage

American Airlines passengers can carry one piece of hand luggage onboard their flight, and one personal item. It must fit under your seat. You can bring a purse, briefcase, laptop bag, or other similar items, but not more than the size of a small handbag. 

Hand baggage should not exceed a maximum of 56cm x36cmx23cm Includes handles and wheels.
Please Note: Your personal items or carry-ons don't include diaper bags, soft-sided cooler bags, breast milk cooler bags, strollers, and other medical or mobility devices.

Basic Economy customers are now permitted to bring 1 carry-on, plus a personal item, to all destinations.

American Airlines Checked Baggage

Passengers can check their bags on domestic, transatlantic, and transpacific flights. Up to 10 bags per person. Passengers may check Up to 5 bags If they are traveling to, though, or from Mexico, Central America, South America, Brazil, please note that there are restrictions on American Airline baggage policy.

Please visit the American Airlines Website For more information about these restrictions, click here

Domestic flights allow Economy passengers to check one piece of baggage at $30 per person. A second piece is $40 and $150 respectively. Additional baggage is $200.

Economy passengers can check one piece of baggage on transatlantic flights at no cost. Additional checked baggage must be booked by Economy passengers at a cost of $100 and $200 respectively.

If you're eligible, you may not have to pay baggage fees for up 3 bags.

Please visit the American Airlines Website For more information, please visit this site.

In all regions, the maximum dimensions for checked baggage cannot exceed 158cm Maximum of 23kg in weight. For First and Business Class customers, the weight of checked baggage should not exceed 32kg. Oversize/overweight baggage is subject to fees.


American Airlines Excess Baggage

Your checked bag must not exceed the maximum weight limit 23kg Exceeds or meets the total size limit 158cm Excess baggage fees will apply depending on the route. These fees are non-refundable and apply per person and for each route. These fees can be found at the American Airlines Website directly.

Members of One world Emerald, Executive Platinum, First and Business Class and Executive Platinum can check 32kg baggage at no extra cost. American Airlines does not accept baggage up to 32kg. Any Checked baggage exceeding 320cm in length or 45kg in weight


American Airlines Extraordinary Baggage

You may be subject to special restrictions, exceptions, and charges if you are travelling with extraordinary baggage like sports equipment or a musical instrument. The item you are travelling with and the route taken will determine which restrictions and charges apply.

If you are, for example, Golf clubs to take with you can bring 1 golf bag that contains: golf balls, golf balls and tees. Swingles golf club load strips are not allowed. Standard checked bag fees for your destination are up to 50 lb/23 kg and 126in/320 cm (length + width + Height) or $150.

You can bring a small instrument with you on the plane. This is possible as long as the item fits in the overhead bin, under the seat, or in your hand luggage. They can be checked in to your carry-on luggage if they are too big for the cabin. Maximum size 381cm Maximum weight: 75kg.


My Baggage - Airline Baggage Alternative

If you have only a few bags, you can bring your baggage on an American Airlines flight. Excess baggage fees can make your American Airlines flight very expensive. This will also increase the overall cost of your trip.

luggage shipping My Baggage is a low-cost option for international American Airlines baggage fees. You won't have to worry about heavy luggage or waiting at luggage carousels.

My Baggage lets you ship large items. 30kg You can get a suitcase or box at incredibly low prices. Get a free instant quote You can check out our pricing online to see how affordable it is. You can also add additional bags to your order if you wish. You can bring more luggage than you would if you only had a handful of pieces.

Book online to have your luggage collected by My Baggage. They will then deliver it safely and quickly to the destination you specify. My Baggage provides reliable door-to-door service and offers email notifications, luggage tracking, SMS, and baggage tracking. We have shipped to more than 200 countries around the world, on over 1000 routes. 

What you can bring

Bag restrictions mean you can only bring the following:

Bags with checked handles

Flagship(r), First

3 bags

Domestic First

2 bags


2 bags

Premium Economy

2 bags

Main Cabin

2 bags

Additional products

You can bring:

  • 1 item to carry on
  • 1 personal item

Carry-on bags

You can also travel with these:

  • Sport equipment (additional fees may apply)
  • Customers with disabilities can use assistive devices
  • Bags 51-70 lbs. For an additional charge, bags weighing 51-70 lbs.
  • Sports equipment and special items
  • Special assistance

You can't bring what you don't have

You can't take your bag to certain destinations if you have luggage restrictions

  • Items that are more than 70lb/32kgs in weight
  • Items that are too large
  • Bags that exceed 2 bags are not allowed
  • Boxes*

*A "Box" is any container not used for carrying items during air travel. This includes containers, plastic tubs and coolers.

1 personal item, 1 carry-on

Personal item

Personal items such as a purse or handbag should fit under your seat. Your item should not be larger than 18x14x8 inches (45x35x20 cm).

These items don't count towards your personal item, or carry-on.

  • Diaper bags (1 per child)
  • Breast pump
  • Breast milk cooler, small and soft-sided
  • Strollers, child safety seats, and mobility or medical devices for children

Carry-on requirements

  • Maximum dimensions should not exceed 22x14x9 inches/56x36x23 centimetres (including handles)
  • You must be able to fit into the sizer at airport

You may have to check your belongings if they don't fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. You may have additional restrictions on carry-on bags at airports and on airplanes.

In case of an emergency, label your carry-on in the same manner as you label checked bags.

Soft-sided garment bags with a length of 51 inches/130 cm (length + width + Height) can be used as your carry-on.

You can also carry musical instruments as a carry-on. They must be placed in the overhead bin, under the seat or in the trunk.

Additionally, you must bring your pet along with you when traveling.

Valet bags

The overhead bin space for regional flights on American Eagle (r), planes is limited. You must valet your bag prior to boarding if your carry-on exceeds the personal item dimensions. * Your bag will be checked and tagged at the gate by our staff. After you have exited the plane, your bag will be handed to you at the airport.

Take out any electronic cigarettes, batteries or other restricted items from your checked bag.

Restricted Items

*Embraer ERJ-175 planes accept carry-on bags but don't offer valet services.


TSA allows you to carry certain duty-free liquids in your carry-on bag as long as they are packaged in a security-tamper-evident bag. Please contact the TSA if you have any questions about liquids or if you are traveling with them.


Pet Policy

  • Withdogs/cats, you can travel to the U.S.

The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has temporarily suspended dogs (carry on or checked), which includes fully trained service dogs, who are traveling from a country high-risk for dog rabies.

Only service dogs from high-risk countries may travel to the U.S. with an approved CDC Dog Import Permit or meet CDC U.S. vaccinations and microchip requirements. For assistance, contact Special Assistance.

Transport your pet by carrying it on

They can be carried on board as a carry-on pet or transported via American Airlines Cargo, depending on the animal's breed and size. Only cats and dogs must meet the requirements for carry-on pets.

Only checked pets are allowed at the ticket counter for U.S. Military personnel on active duty and U.S. State Department Foreign Service personnel travelling on official orders. There are restrictions and fees.

If they are fully trained service dogs, they may fly free in the cabin if they meet all requirements.

Flying with a service pet

If they are fully trained service dogs, they may fly free in the cabin if they meet all requirements.

A service animal can be defined as a dog trained to perform work or tasks for a person with a disability. This could include a sensory, intellectual, physical or mental disability.

  • Visual impairments
  • Deafness
  • Seizures
  • Mobility impairment
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Our team members have been trained to ask questions in order to determine if your animal can travel as a service animal.

Service animals that are trained, supported by emotional or support animals and comfort animals can travel with you as pets. All applicable fees and requirements will be followed.

Advance notice and forms

You must submit the U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form attesting that the animal is healthy, trained, and behaved to the Special Assistance Desk 48 hours prior to your flight. Once your document is approved, we will notify you.

If you purchased your ticket less than 48 hours prior to departure, the form can be completed at the airport. Arrive early.

This form is compatible to the most recent versions of JAWS or NVDA screen readers. It can be completed on a desktop computer or mobile device with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You will need to contact the partner airline if your trip involves a flight.

Fly to the U.S.

The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has temporarily suspended service dogs and dogs from high-risk countries for dog rabies.

Only service dogs that have been approved by the CDC or meet the CDC U.S. vaccinations and microchip requirements can fly on American.

Flying over 8 hours

If your flight is more than 8 hours long, the Department of Transportation Service Animal Relief Attestation Sanitation form is required. This forms states that your animal will not need to relieve itself or can do it in a manner that does not pose a health or sanitation problem.

This form is compatible to the most recent versions of JAWS or NVDA screen readers. It can be completed on a desktop computer or mobile device with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


  1. Complete the DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form.
  2. If applicable, complete the DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Formula
  3. Send your submission at least 48 hours prior to your flight
  4. Keep the completed form handy for your next trip

Service Animal ID

After you submit your form, and it has been approved, you will receive an email with your Service Animal ID. The SVAN ID can be added to any future travel arrangements with the animal. 

Your SVAN ID expires one year after the date you signed or the expiration of the animal's vaccine, whichever comes first.

Travel requirements

  • At all times, the animal must be harnessed or leashed.
  • Service animals may not be transported by animals under 4 months old
  • Animals must be well-behaved and clean
  • The animal must be able fit under your seat, at your feet or in your lap. Lap animals should not be larger than a 2-year-old child.
  • You will only be allowed to travel once you have arrived at the airport.
  • If you are placing the animal in a kennel it must fit under your seat.
  • A person can only have 2 service animals

Animals may not:

  • Take a seat in the exit row
  • Block or protrude into aisles
  • Take a seat
  • Tray tables are great for eating

You may have to relocate your animal if it is too big or heavy to fit in the cabin

  • Book a flight with more seats
  • Purchase a ticket to the animal
  • You can transport the animal as a pet that has been checked.

Animal Behaviour

Animals must learn to behave in public. If they exhibit disruptive behaviour, they will not be allowed in the cabin.

  • Growing
  • Biting or trying to bite
  • Jumping on people or lunging at them

This behaviour will be considered pet if it is not corrected or controlled. All fees and requirements will be followed.

Your pet may not be allowed to fly if you do not meet the requirements. All fees and requirements will be followed.

Carry-on pets

American Airlines allows you to bring one kennel on board your flight if you are:

  • The carry-on pet fee is payable
  • You can keep your pet in the kennel or under the seat in front of the plane for the duration of the flight

Your pet carrier and one personal item are allowed to travel, but you won't be allowed to bring your personal item or a carry-on bag. The kennel will replace the carry-on bag.

Your pet must travel with American Airlines Cargo if it is too big to fly in the cabin. Please note that we accept only checked pets for U.S. Military personnel on active duty and U.S. State Department Foreign Service personnel travelling on official orders.

The pet carrier must also meet all kennel guidelines. These requirements must be met before your pet can travel. There are restrictions and fees.

Checked pets require kennel guidelines

There are some requirements that must be met when checking in your pet.

  • Your pet can stand tall enough to turn and sit in a natural place (without touching the container's top or sides).
  • You must not exceed the maximum dimensions of the aircraft on which you are traveling
  • Maximum weight (combined pet/kennel) must not exceed 100 lbs. / 45 kgs.
  • You can be made from wood, metal, plastic, or other similar materials
  • A door can be made from welded or cast steel
  • Bolts or screws are used to secure the top and bottom of the container.
  • Secure yourself using release cable ties at all four corners (we'll supply complimentary ties).
  • You must be firm and secure enough to ensure that the animal does not escape through any gaps or poke through the container.
  • Securely fasten your door to make sure you are leak- and escape-proof
  • For domestic travel within the United States, you should have ventilation on at least three sides and four sides for international travel.
  • Attach separate food and water dishes to the kennel
  • Attach a small bag of food to the top for 24-hours.
  • Use absorbent material such as straw, hay, or wood shavings to keep your skin clean

You must bring 2 pets with you when you travel.

  • Two species of the same species (cats and dogs)
  • Similar in size, but less than 20 lbs. / 9.07 kgs. Each
  • Between 8 and 6 months of age

Pets that have been checked

Only active-duty U.S. Military personnel and U.S. State Department Foreign Service personnel travelling on official orders can have their pets checked. You can check up to two pets.

They must be at least 18 years old and meet all health requirements. We accept checked pets only if we have the capacity.

You must:

    • Call American Airlines Reservations at least 48 Hours Prior to Travel
    • With your official orders, check in at the ticket counter
    • You should allow extra time for check-in (minimum 2 hours, maximum 4 hours) before you fly.
    • Discuss the checklist with your agent


  • A health certificate is required


A vet must issue a health certificate within 48 hours to ensure your pet's safety and health.

  • Ten days of your travel
  • 60 days before your return (travel with the same ticket).
  • You can travel on a separate ticket for 10 days after your return

Emergency Veterinary Care

We will seek veterinary care if an animal is injured or becomes ill while under our care. If the consultation veterinarian finds that the conditions or diagnoses were pre-existing the customer will be responsible to reimburse American for any veterinary costs and related expenses such as feeding and housing the animal.

You sign the Customer Acknowledgment form to authorize American to transport your pet into a veterinary clinic or animal hospital for emergency care. 

American will not be held responsible for any injury or illness to your pet. American will be reimbursed for any fees and charges it incurs for your pet's veterinarian care.


Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

American Airline baggage policy for regular base fares includes the following:

  • Carry-on baggage.
  • 1 personal item - No fee
  • 1 item for carry-on - No fee
  • Baggage / Hold baggage - The fees for each bag will increase depending on the number of bags being checked.
  • Bags that are overweight or larger than the recommended weight - Additional fees may apply depending on the bag's size and weight.
  • Sport equipment - Some items may have fees.

American Airlines (AA), allows one carry-on bag per passenger and one personal item (purse or briefcase, laptop bag, etc.) for no additional charge.

You should limit the size and weight of your carry-on to these limits:

  • 45 linear inches (22x14x9 in) or 115 cm (56x36x23cm) with handles and wheels.
  • Place your items in the overhead bin, or under the seat in front.
  • Your personal item should be able to fit under your seat.
  • Jacket, umbrella, diaper bag and duty-free items (wheelchairs/walkers, crutches/strollers, child restraint seat, etc.) are not allowed. do not count towards your carry-on allowance.

NOTE - Bulkhead seats don't have under-seat storage. All carry-on luggage must be stored in the overhead bin upon take-off or landing.

Here are the details of American Airlines' standard checked baggage/hold luggage policy:

  • 2 bags minimum, maximum 10 bags for U S Domestic, Transatlantic and Transpacific. 5 bags maximum if you travel to the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico.
  • Maximum dimensions: 62 inches (length + width + high).
  • Maximum weight:
    • Economy - 50 Pounds or 23 Kilograms
    • Business/First - 70 Pounds or 32 Pounds

Yes. Fees may apply. These fees are determined by what type of fare was purchased and your destination. They may also be applicable to military personnel or dependents, status with American Airlines (AA), frequent flyer program status, status with affiliated carriers, or if an American Airlines (AA), sponsored credit/charge card:

American Airlines (AA) standard baggage/hold luggage fees are as follows:

  • US domestic (including Canada and the Virgin Islands):
  • First bag: $30.00 USD
  • Second bag: $40.00 USD
  • Mexico:
  • First bag: $30.00 USD
  • Second bag: $40.00 USD
  • Caribbean (except Cuba, Haiti):
  • First bag: $30.00 USD
  • Second bag: $40.00 USD
  • Cuba:
  • First bag free ($30.00 USD Basic Economy).
  • Second bag: Free (basic economy, $40.00 USD)
  • Haiti:
  • Free First Bag
  • Second bag: $70.00 USD
  • Central America (except Panama):
  • First bag: $30.00 USD
  • Second bag: $40.00 USD (55.00 USD to/from Honduras seasonally)
  • Panama:
  • First bag free ($30.00 USD Basic Economy).
  • Second bag: $40.00 USD
  • South America (except Colombia and Ecuador):
  • First bag free (Basic Economy, $45.00 USD)
  • Second bag $65.00 USD
  • Colombia:
  • First bag free ($30.00 USD Basic Economy).
  • Second bag: $55.00 USD
  • Ecuador:
  • First bag free ($30.00 USD Basic Economy).
  • Second bag: $40.00 USD
  • Guyana:
  • First bag: $30.00 USD
  • Second bag: $40.00 USD
  • Transatlantic:
  • First bag: free ($75.00 USD Basic Economy).
  • Second bag: $100.00 USD
  • Transpacific:
  • First bag free
  • Second bag: No charge

American Airlines (AA), excess baggage fees / hold luggage fees:

  • US domestic (including Canada and the Virgin Islands):
  • Trolley bag: $150.00 USD
  • Fourth bag +: $200.00 USD per bag
  • Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean:
  • Trolley bag: $150.00 USD
  • Fourth bag +: $200.00 USD per bag
  • South America
  • Trolley bag: $150.00 USD
  • Fourth bag +: $200.00 USD per bag
  • Transatlantic:
  • Second bag: $200.00 USD
  • Fourth bag +: $200.00 USD per bag
  • Transpacific:
  • Second bag: $200.00 USD
  • Fourth bag +: $200.00 USD per bag

American Airlines (AA), will charge the following fees for bags that weigh more than the standard 50 lb or 23 kilos:

  • $50.00 USD per bag for 51-70 pounds, or 24-32 kilograms, (added $100.00 USD for First, Business, Advantage Executive Platinum, one world Emerald and other passengers).
  • 71 to 100 lbs or 33 to 46 kgs: $200.00 USD per bag (not acceptable to/from Cuba, on Transatlantic or for Transatlantic). $450.00 USD on Transpacific (not accepting to/from Australia).
  • Bags over 100 pounds and 46 kilograms are not accepted as checked baggage/hold luggage.

For the most up-to-date baggage pricing, please visit American Airlines (AA), will charge the following fees for bags measuring between 62 and125 inches or 158 to320 centimetres.

  • $200.00 USD – U S domestic, Central America, Mexico (except Panama), and Transpacific
  • $150.00 USD Panama, South America and Transatlantic

When traveling to Bolivia, Paraguay or cities in Brazil, there are restrictions on luggage. Bags that are more than 125 inches in length or larger than 320 CMS in width will not be accepted.


American Airlines will accept any sports equipment up to the weight and size limits of American Airlines (AA). This will count as one bag/hold bag. There may be additional fees.

CPAP Devices

Check in at the gate before you board. An agent will: Test your ability to operate the POC, and respond to it; Discuss the phases of flight when the POC is operable; Verify that your battery charge has not dropped below 150% for the duration and ground connection times (including any unanticipated delays). Your POC must be placed underneath your seat. If you have a POC in flight, you can't use it while you move around the cabin.

American Airlines allows you to bring 1 standard piece of luggage and 1 personal item. Your standard carry-on cannot exceed 22x14x9 inches in dimensions, and your personal item cannot exceed 18x14x8 inches.

For your first checked bag, you will be charged $30 if you fly American Airlines within the U.S. to Mexico, Central America, Central America (excluding Panama) or Colombia. You will be charged $75 to add a second checked bag if you fly transatlantic in basic economy.