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Alsie Express

About Alsie Express

Alsie Express, a sister company to Air Alsie, was founded on 22 May 2013. Sandman Holding A/S owns both of these companies.

While we know that passengers are different, there is still the need for safe, efficient and flexible transportation. It is important to support these passengers with a route and an airline that listens as well as provides access to the globalized network.

We not only hope to attract more people from the borderline, but also expect to bring in many tourists, businesspeople, and students.

Alsie Express Reservations

Alsie Express et Airways booking numbers

Lufthavnsvej 3, DK-6400 Sønderborg, Denmark
Phone: +45 74 42 98 88
CVR: 1265 5983

Alsie Express Classes

Economy Class is the only available class for these short flights. The ATR 72 can accommodate either 48 or 64 passengers depending on its configuration. The aircraft comes in a 2-x-2 configuration and can accommodate either 43" or 32 inches of seating.

Alsie Express Facilities

Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility are provided with additional services at airports. They also have the option to travel in a way that suits their needs.

Alsie Express popular Destinations and Hubs

The airline has six destinations that it flies to and charters other routes as of September 2020. These destinations include three destinations within Denmark and three outside the United Kingdom, such as Copenhagen, Jersey, and Bornholm.

Alsie Express Check-in and boarding pass

Check-In Online

Online check-in is available via the airline website, it's open 24 hours before and closes one hour before scheduled departure time.

Airport Check-In

Check-in at Sonderborg Airport must be completed 15 minutes before departure, whereas flights from Copenhagen Airport and Bornholm Airport, check-in must be completed 30 minutes before departure.

Alsie Express Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

Check In Online

You can check in online at the airline site. It's available 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time and closes an hour before.

After completing online check-in, passengers will receive a boarding pass via email to the provided email address. Only passengers who are carrying carry-on luggage can get to security at the airport. Passengers with checked baggage should proceed to the baggage drop area at the airport prior to going through security.

Airport Check In

Check-in at Sonderborg Airport should be done 15 minutes prior to departure. For flights from Copenhagen Airport or Bornholm Airport, you must check-in 30 minutes prior to departure.

Pet policy

You can transport pets into the cargo compartment as a rule. However, it is not allowed to carry more than one animal. The temperature and pressure in the cargo compartment is the same as that in the passenger cabin.

All animals must be checked in as baggage, and they must be properly placed in a transport box.

Transport boxes at the cargo compartment: Rules

  • The box should be strong, tight, and clean.
  • Materials must be made of fibreglass, metal, or hard plastic with handles.
  • Boxes made only of wire mesh or boxes with a low floorplate edge are not permitted.
  • Access to water and food is essential for an animal.
  • You should cover the bottom of the box with newspaper or sawdust. (Hay and straw are not permitted).
  • If they are not more than 14 kilograms each, two animals can be kept in the same box.

The box must be large enough to allow the animal to stand, turn, and lie down in it. The check-in staff might refuse to allow the animal aboard if the box doesn't meet these requirements.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Alsie Express offers a 24-hour refund on all flight tickets. Cancellation protection or other purchased add-ons like extra bags are not refundable.

You must notify the airline if you purchase your ticket less than 24 hours prior to departure.

Only taxes will be refunded if there is less than 12 hours before departure.

Alsie Express Customer Care phone numbers

Lufthavnsvej 3, DK-6400 Sønderborg, Denmark
Phone: +45 74 42 98 88
CVR: 1265 5983


Alsie Express flies to which airport?

Alsie Express offers domestic flights to Denmark from only 3 cities: Copenhagen, Sonderborg and Ronne.

What is Alsie Express' primary hub and why?

Alsie Express focuses most of its flight operations on Sonderborg

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