Alaska Airlines Reservation

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Reservation


Double check the date and times. Enter passenger details & coupon details, if any. Pay.

Map P.O. P.O. Box 68900 Seattle, WA, USA 98168

Alaska Airlines Reservations phone number : +1 800 654 5669

Changes to Reservations Alaska Airlines

You can make changes to reservations by clicking the "Change” link on the reservation confirmation page, or the "View/change” link on the EasyBiz homepage.

EasyBiz lets you cancel or change a non-refundable flight ticket, and then store any unused value in your EasyBiz Wallet. You can use the credit for future Alaska and Horizon travel. 

EasyBiz will notify the administrator of your company between 30 and 90 days before credit expires. You can store all your EasyBiz tickets that you have not used in the EasyBiz Wallet so that they are easy to find. 

There is no other way to get Alaska Airlines and Horizon tickets at such a low price.

All tickets purchased through EasyBiz have to be changed, held, or viewed via the website.

You have the option to change

You can modify your trip itinerary by changing dates, times and cities. Or, you can use the value from one trip to buy a new trip. To get started, simply select one of the radio buttons.

Changes to this trip

This radio button allows you to make minor changes to your trip itinerary, such as dates, cities and times.

  • Keep as verified
    You can view your current reservation in the system. You can choose to Quit if you don't want to make any changes.
  • Flight change
    You can change dates and cities using the Change Flight tab.
  • Cancel flight
    You can cancel one or more sections of your current reservation by using the Cancel Flight tab.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

You will need to pay the Flight Pass specific fare and applicable airport taxes and fees when you book using Flight Pass. These fees must be paid for every flight on your itinerary.

Most flights will offer a special fare that is only $0.01 with the Flight Pass subscription. However, certain flights will require a premium access fare. Alaska has a higher fare for some of its most popular flights in order to offer great deals on the majority of flights without blackouts.

No matter how they purchased their tickets, all flyers must pay taxes and fees to the government. These fees apply to all flights that are currently eligible for Flight Pass and total $14.60. These fees include the US Flight Segment Tax, US Transportation Tax, Passenger Facility Charge, and September 11 Security Fee. These values can vary depending on the route and may be subject to change by government. Instead of lumping them into the monthly cost, they have been separated to ensure transparency and application. These fees will be charged for each leg of your trip when you redeem credit.

To pay flight-related taxes and fees, credit or debit cards are the only valid forms of payment. Alaska Airlines EWallet credit cannot be used with any other payment method.

To redeem a Flight Pass credit, you must choose a round-trip fare to book travel.

Tuesdays are less rushed and travelers can book affordable flights at a low price. Compare the Airfare Prices: It is a good idea to compare airfare prices before making any reservations on Alaska Airlines flights. To get the best Alaska Airlines airfare deal for your next booking, compare the airfare.

You might not know that Alaska Airlines offers low-cost flights on select days of the week. Below are some points that will help you determine the best days to fly Alaska Airlines. Tuesday is a good day to book an Alaska Airlines flight.

Advance Seat Selection: Can customers reserve seats during booking with your airline? Alaska Airlines allows customers to purchase First Class, Premium Class or Main Cabin tickets and select seats when booking.

Premium Class Upgrade Seats on Select Aircraft Types will be Available for Purchase at, or within 24 Hours of departure during Check in. Prices for upgrades start at $5 per flight.

To book flights using your Flight Pass subscription, visit, log into your account, and search for the origin, destination, and departure dates that you're interested in. Choose the flight that meets your needs best, then enter the credits you have earned from the program to purchase your flight.