Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Carry -on Baggage

You are allowed to bring one bag with you and one personal item. This includes a purse, briefcase, or laptop computer. You must be able and able to carry at least one item under your seat.

Carry-on bag size

The maximum carry-on bag size for flights is now 22"x14'x9''. These dimensions include wheels and handles. Before you fly, make sure you measure your bag.

One carry-on bag, one personal item, and one briefcase or purse are still allowed. You can make sure your items fit in the overhead bin, or under the seat, to make the boarding process easier for everyone.

For information on Smart bags, Self-Propelled bags and bags that charge electronic devices, please visit our Electronics page.

Only one small personal item, such as a briefcase or purse, and any medically required items, will be allowed aboard.

Free of charge, one piece of carry-on luggage of maximum dimension 22"x14"x9" (or 45 linear inches, with wheels and handle) will also be accepted.

How do I measure my carry-on bag so it fits properly?

You can confirm the size of your bag at airports by using the 22"x14"x9" dimensions.

Before you depart for the airport, measure your bag. Make sure the dimensions of the bag, including the handles and wheels, are less than 22 inches.

All three measurements, length + height + width, may not exceed 45 inches. You may need to measure the suitcase once it's packed to ensure it fits within the limits. These are some tips to help you pack your carry on.

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Keep an identification tag in your bag.

This free, printable tag can be used to quickly identify your bag and make it return. Just complete the form, and place it in your bag.

Checked baggage

While Alaska Airlines may only be responsible for your travel, you could still be charged bag fees by another airline. 

To determine which airline's baggage policy applies, refer to your confirmation of travel. The following fees and rules apply to Alaska Airlines baggage policies:

You can pay fees for checked baggage online, at a kiosk or at any one of our airport ticket counters.

*We may restrict the number of bags per passenger during peak travel times.

Some items, like strollers, car seats and mobility aids, are exempted from baggage fees.

Baggage fees are waived for selected guests, such as Alaska Airlines credit card holders and Elite Mileage Plan members.

Additional fees apply to baggage exceeding the weight or size limit, including baggage that is checked free of charge. Exception: Sporting equipment.

One piece of checked baggage cannot weigh more than 100 lbs and/or exceed 115 inches (linear). For assistance with items exceeding the limit, contact Alaska Air Cargo at 1-800225-2752 Exception: Musical instruments.

For information on Smart bags, Self-Propelled bags and bags that charge electronic devices, please visit our Electronics page.

Transferring your luggage to the airport

Baggage Acceptance Hours vary by airport -- You must ensure that your checked baggage has been received by the airline. Also, make sure you have a valid boarding card and check-in time at your departure airport.

To ensure that your bags are handed over on time, it is important to arrive at the airport in good time to drop off your bag. Refer to our airport guide for ticket counter times and suggested arrival times at departure airport.

Keep in mind, however, that your baggage cannot be accepted after these hours or more than four hours before your flight departs.

Please note: Vancouver (YVR), can only accept bags up to three hours before departure due to US Customs pre-clearance restrictions. Bags can be accepted only by Calgary (YYC), two hours before departure.

Multi-flight travel

We will check your bags to your final destination if your trip involves more than one flight with Alaska Airlines or one of our airline partners.

You will need to claim your baggage if you are going to be in the city connecting for more than 18 hours. Additional Alaska Airlines baggage fees may apply.

Multi-line travel with multiple tickets or airlines

Baggage for alaska airlines and rules could be affected by another airline if your trip includes multiple tickets and/or you travel with more than one airline. 

To determine the applicable fees and rules for your trip, please check your ticket or call Alaska Airlines Reservation at 1-800-252-7522.

If you are making international connections with a separate flight to another airline within twelve (12) hours after arriving in the destination city, you can follow the baggage allowances and weight restrictions of that international airline.

As long as there is a ticketing agreement between Alaska Airlines (and the other carrier),

Baggage issues

Sometimes, even with our best-efforts baggage can be delayed or damaged. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We are here to help if you have any problems with your checked baggage or forgot something onboard.

Report baggage issues immediately

Without a file, we cannot offer compensation for missing or damaged items. Keep your baggage claim and ticket receipts until you close your file.

  • Report any damage to your bag immediately after you have picked it up at the baggage carousel.
  • All other issues must be reported in person to the baggage services office upon your arrival at the airport.
  • After you report the issue, you'll receive confirmation emails with the File ID.
  • You can check the status of your baggage trace portal or call the airport baggage office where the report was filed. You agree to share your data by selecting a partner link. With your File ID.

Most bags can be found within 48 hours.

Your bags will be delivered to you at your hotel or home unless you have checked in late or taken a different flight than what was tagged.

Redeem your essentials

All receipts paid for travel items (such as clothing and toiletries) that you purchase while your bag is lost are important to keep.

  • Bring your receipts to the airport luggage service office from which you filed your report.
  • You can also fill out the Statement of Mishandling form, and send your receipts to Central Baggage Service Office.
    Alaska Airlines
    Attn: Central Baggage Service/SEALZ
    PO Box 68900
    Seattle, WA 98168-0900

Learn more about coverage for reimbursement on our Limitations in liability page.

If your bag has not arrived within 5 days,

  • The Central Baggage Service in Alaska will automatically transfer your filed report. They will conduct a thorough computer search of all airlines around the world.
  • Within two weeks, the Central Baggage Service office will mail this statement regarding mishandling form to you.
  • Send your completed form to the Central Baggage Service Office
    Alaska Airlines
    Attn: Central Baggage Service/SEALZ
    PO Box 68900
    Seattle, WA 98168-0900
    Central Baggage Service Office Number: 1-877-815-88253 (6:00 AM - 10:00 PM PT).
    Contact us via the online Central Baggage Service Contact Form.

We will make every effort possible to locate your bags within 6 weeks of your travel date.

Special baggage

You may need to pay extra attention to certain items or comply with additional regulations.

Transporting ammunition and firearms

A "firearm" refers to any weapon that can, is designed or may be easily converted to expel a projectile using the explosive action. See firearms list.

Firearms checklist

Only firearms may be transported as checked baggage

To transport a firearm, you must be at least 18 years old.

Firearms should be unloaded and stored in a hard-sided, locked container

Containers must be secure to prevent accidental or unintentional access.

  • Some cases may require multiple locks to make sure the case is not opened.
  • The combination or key to the lock must be given only to the passenger.
    • The TSA may ask the passenger to provide the combination or key when screening the case.

You cannot store dangerous goods or prohibited items in your container, including loose ammunition, flammable liquids and black powder. 

It is your responsibility to be familiar with and adhere to all laws governing firearm possession. These laws can vary between local, state, or international governments.

Before you travel with a firearm in your checked baggage to international destinations, please review the U.S. Customs and Border Protection requirements.

Ammunition checklist

Carry-on baggage cannot contain ammunition.

You must securely pack ammunition in its original packaging or in a container specifically designed for ammunition.

  • The ammunition must be protected from any accidental crushing or discharge by the packaging. Wood, fiber, plastic or metal.
  • We do not accept ammunition that is in its original packaging, such as a bucket, box or manufacturer packaging.

The projectile should not exceed 11/16 inches in diameter, which is the same size as a dime.

You can check ammunition separately or with the firearm.

Checked baggage will accept shell casings provided that they meet the same criteria as live ammunition. You must pack them in a container that is crush-proof and designed for ammunition.

We can accept ammunition in a magazine or clip that is contained in its own secure case within a larger crush-proof firearms case.

Firearms baggage allowances

These items might be included in your regular baggage allowance. Additional baggage may incur additional charges. All baggage must be properly packed for transportation.

  • One rifle case, with scopes, rifles, and one shooting mat.
  • One shotgun case, with shotguns
  • One pistol case, with pistols, noise suppressors and one pistol telescope, as well as small pistol tools.

There are no restrictions on the type or number of firearms that can be used (e.g., rifles, shotguns, pistols) per case.
As long as they are properly packed, different types of firearms can be kept in the same case.

Check your baggage for firearms

All firearms must be declared at the baggage counter before you can check your bag.

We will ask you to sign and read a tag for each firearm-containing bag/container.

  • This tag is used to declare that your weapon has not been loaded.
  • This tag confirms that ammunition and weapons are properly packed.

You are responsible for obtaining all permits required to check any firearm between the United States and Canada.

Claim firearms

To retrieve your rifle case/box or shotgun, you must show photo ID.

If you're connecting to an international carrier, you will need your firearms and ammunition to be claimed at the final Alaska Airlines destination. Then, you can check it with the receiving carrier.

You may need to check your baggage with another airline if you're connecting to another domestic carrier.

Items that are prohibited or restricted

While many common household items may appear to be safe when they are transported by air, some can pose a danger. Temperature and pressure variations during flight can lead to items leaking, generating toxic fumes or starting a fire.

The following restrictions have been placed on the carrying and checking of the following items:

It is okay to pack items marked with a green .

Items marked with the red " ", are not allowed in your checked or carry-on baggage.

Many of these items are considered dangerous goods by the US Government. They are not allowed to be carried in baggage. The use of boxes containing hazardous materials is also prohibited. 

Reusing boxes that are marked as containing hazardous materials is prohibited. You should inspect each side of the box and remove or cover any sign of hazmat such as an "ORM D" or a hazardous diamond. 

Shipping unauthorized dangerous goods could result in civil or criminal penalties. Contact Alaska Airlines Reservations 1-800-252-7522 for more information.

Checked baggage

While Alaska Airlines may only be responsible for your travel, you could still be charged bag fees by another airline. 

To determine which airline's baggage policy applies, refer to your confirmation of travel. The following fees and rules apply to Alaska Airlines baggage policies.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

You are allowed to bring one bag with you and one personal item. This includes a purse, briefcase, or laptop computer. You must be able to lift your bag into the overhead bin.

You can carry one quart-sized bag with liquids (creams, pastes, and aerosols that weigh 3.4 ounces or less per item) through security checkpoint. Keep the liquids bag handy so it is easy to drop into the security bin.

Alaska Airlines allows you to bring snacks onboard.

No self-heating foods or beverages; all other food are allowed.

Alaska Airlines has very strict rules. They limit passengers to one personal item and one carry-on bag. If your luggage is deemed too large, you may have to pay an additional fee at the gate.

Yes. No matter if you check in online or through the Alaska Airlines mobile app, the first checked bag is free.

Alaska Airlines food options are not included with the main cabin ticket price but you can purchase a variety of high-quality meals and snacks depending upon your flight time. Most flights include complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and small snacks.

Alaska Airlines claims it launched the "first water service in America that is free from single-use plastic containers and plastic cups". Boxed Water now supplies inflight water in 92% plant-based cartons. Customers are also offered recyclable paper cups.

What is the cost of checked bags at Alaska Airlines? Alaska Airlines offers free checked baggage for flights within Alaska. All other flights have a $30 charge for the first bag, $40 for the second bag and $100 for 3+ bags.

One piece of checked baggage cannot weigh more than 100 lbs or exceed 115 inches (linear). Alaska Air Cargo can assist you with items exceeding the limit on checked baggage. Music instruments are exempt.

Both Alaska and Horizon have casual dress codes. The requirement is to be neat and well-groomed. It is not acceptable to wear dirty or tattered clothing and to walk with bare feet.