AirSial, Karachi., Sialkot, Pakistan, 51310


Phone : 052-4269670-74

Website : AirSial

Founted : October 2017; 5 years ago

Key People : Fazal Jilani, Chairman

About AirSial

Air Sial Limited, also known as AirSial, is a brand new Pakistani airline based at Jinnah International Airport.

AirSial, a private airline, was founded in 2015 by members of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the goal of improving air travel between -- a major industrial town in the state of Punjab (Pakistan)

In 2017, the airline was granted its Civil Aviation license. Currently, it operates 6 regular scheduled flights within Pakistan using its three Airbus A320 aircraft.

AirSial flights can be booked through Alternative Airlines when the airline becomes operational. There are several payment options available, including PayPal and KlarnaAffirm is also available. Cryptocurrencies will be available for booking once the airline becomes operational. You can pay in any currency you choose, including USD, Euros and the Pakistani rupiah.

AirSial Reservations

AirSial Booking Numbers


AirSial Classes

AirSial offers one type of seating on its flights: Standard Economy. AirSial currently has Airbus A320 aircraft that can seat 180 passengers.

Passengers can sit in comfortable padded seats with ample storage and fold-down tray. The seating arrangement will be 2-2.

AirSial Destinations And Hubs

AirSial will first serve Pakistani domestic destinations, starting at Sialkot International Airport. These cities will be served by AirSial flights:

The airline currently operates flights to six destinations in Pakistan as of March 2022. The most popular destinations are Islamabad and Karachi, Peshawar as well as Lahore, Quetta, Quetta, Sialkot, and Peshawar.


AirSial Facilities


You can get snacks, meals and drinks in flight

There are many international and Pakistani dishes on the in-flight menu. Lunch and dinner options typically include a 2-course meal, such as vegetable pilau with boneless ginger, grilled chicken mashed potatoes and mushrooms, or Italian noodles.All meals onboard PIA are Halal.

AirSial Check-In

Online Check In

When you fly with an airline, online check-in is not required 

Airport Check In

Passengers will need to hand their boarding passes and their luggage to the airline upon arrival at the airport terminal. Checking in will take only a few moments. It is recommended that passengers arrive at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. There will be crew available to assist with check-in and boarding. 

AirSial Policy

Bagagge Policy

Each passenger is entitled to one piece carry-on baggage The maximum weight of this piece is 7 Kg. The bag's dimensions must not exceed 45 inches (L+W+H=45). All carry-on luggage must fit under the seat in front or in the overhead compartment.

This information provides guidelines and general rules for baggage allowance. However, it is subject to change depending on the route. Your allowance will be confirmed during cooking. The maximum weight of checked bags (total) is 32kg. (Maximum 2 pieces). Bags must not exceed 54 inches (L+W+H=54).

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Air Sial, also known as AirSial in Urdu (Urdu: yy’r syl), is a Pakistani airline based in Sialkot (Pakistan). It is the third private airline in Pakistan and was inaugurated on Wednesday 9th December 2020. [1] AirSial was granted international flight rights to UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

AirSial offers scheduled and private passenger flights as well as charter services to major cities in Pakistan, including Islamabad and Karachi. Airblue, Pakistan International Airways, as well as Serene Airways operate domestic flights within Pakistan.

Once AirSial is operational, you can book AirSial flights through Alternative Airlines. You have the option to pay using one of the payment options available, such as Klarna or Affirm, PayPal, Klarna or Cryptocurrencies. You can also pay in any currency you choose, including USD, Euros or the Pakistani rupee. 

Based on 3,581 customer service ratings from the past year, Air Sial Limited (branded AirSial), is a new Pakistani airline based at Jinnah International Airport.

AirSial Policies

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