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Air Inuit Ltd/Ltee

Air Inuit Ltd/Ltee

Air Inuit Ltd/Ltee, Saint-Laurent,, Quebec,, Canada, 6005,

Key People : Christian Busch (President, Air Inuit)


Phone : +1 (514) 905-9445

Website : Air Inuit Ltd/Ltee

Founted : November 1978; 44 years


About Air Inuit 

Air Inuit is an airline that operates domestic passenger and charter services within Canada. Its main base Kuujjuaq Airport.

Air Inuit Reservations

Air Inuit booking numbers.


Tel: 1 800 362 2965
Fax: 514 905 - 9418

Monday through Friday, 7am-6pm
Weekends and Holidays - 9am – 5pm


Tel: 1 800 661-6850
Fax: 514 905-914

General information and customer service

Air Inuit Classes

Air Inuit has economy class and business class. 

Air Inuit Facilities

Air Inuit offers complimentary hot meals* on all of its Boeing 737 and Dash 8 flights depending on the flight itinerary. For your convenience and comfort, the following services are available.

  • Most legs come with complimentary snacks.
  • For departures from Montreal, Nunatsiaq news, Nunatsiaq Magazine, and daily newspapers are available. Corporate magazines can also be requested.
  • All Boeing 737s and Dash 8 aircraft have lavatories.
  • Air Inuit has a range of special meals to meet the needs of passengers with religious or medical dietary restrictions.
    • Vegetarian lactoovo meal (VLML), is a vegetarian option that includes meat, fish and dairy-free options. It also contains egg and milk products.
    • Vegetarian/vegan meals (VGML) are meat- and fish-free Western-style meals that do not contain dairy products or eggs.
    • Gluten-free meal (GFML), special menu that does not contain any cereals (wheat or rye, barley or oats) nor starch.
    • Meal for diabetics (DBML: Sugar-free menu
    • Non lactose Meal (NLML).
  • All regular flights (B737, Dash 8) offer a 30-minute or more free entertainment system for Air Inuit passengers. To enjoy the wide range of magazines, videos games, and TV shows, don't forget to bring your own electronic device.

Air Inuit popular Destinations and Hubs

Air Inuit currently serves 20 destinations within the country and 0 internationally.






Air Inuit Check-in and boarding pass

You can now check in directly for Air Inuit flights from the comfort of home or office. You can check in online and print your boarding passes right from your computer. These speeds up the check-in process. The airline will send you the e-Boarding Pass via email.

Air Inuit Policies

Baggage policy

  • The 30 kg allowance will be applied if your itinerary includes a transfer on the same day from one type to another aircraft with a different allowance.
  • Air Inuit will pay the allowance for transfers from any other carrier to Air Inuit.
  • Maximum weight for a single bag is 32 kg Baggage weighing more than 32 kg cannot be accepted as checked baggage. It must be shipped as cargo.
  • Maximum linear dimension* for a bag is 158cm (62in).
  • To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the baggage allowances of other airlines if your itinerary involves connecting flights.
  • Air Inuit does not allow small battery-powered vehicles to board. For more information, please refer to the Restrictions & Prohibited Items page.

Pet policy

Air Inuit prohibits pets and other animals from the cabin due to the possibility of allergic reactions. This is except for Service Animals that are required by passengers with special needs. Pets can be checked as baggage.

Refund and cancellation policy

We will do our best at keeping you informed at the airport as well as onboard the aircraft if a flight is cancelled or delayed due to an unforeseeable problem. We will provide you with timely updates and the reason behind the cancellation or delay.

  • As soon as possible after we become aware of any delay or cancellation.
  • At regular intervals of 30 min, a new departure time is established for the flight or new arrangements are made for passengers.
  • As soon as possible, if new information becomes available.

If you wish to have your ticket refunded, send us an email with the name of the passenger and flight number. You can also fill out the form.

Be aware that refund terms may vary depending on how much you paid for your ticket. While some tickets can be 100% refunded, others may have fees or not at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Canadian North can be reached at 1 800 267-1247 for Ilaujuq travel and interline bookings

Air Inuit has also access to a Euro copter Ecureuil, Aerospatiale Star 350 through Nunavik Rotors, and a de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter via Johnny May's Air Charters. Bombardier Inc. announced on March 1, 2016 that Air Inuit would become the Bombardier Q300 Large-Cargo Door Freighter.

Air Inuit flies currently to Povungnituk, Kuujjuaq and Tasiujuaq.

Air Inuit Ltd/Ltee Policies

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