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Air Dolomite Airlines

Air Dolomite Airlines, Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, Italy, 37062


Phone : +39 045 288 61 40

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Founted : 30 December 1989; 32 years ago

Key People : Steffen Harbarth, CEO

About Air Dolomiti Airlines

Air Dolomiti S. is an Italian regional airline headquartered in Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, Italy, operating base at Verona Villafranca Airport and hubs at Munich  and Frankfurt Airports in Germany.It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa. Air Dolomiti operates a route network  from various Italian destinations to and from Munich and Frankfurt. Most of these services are sold under the Air Dolomiti brand and operated in codeshare with Lufthansa, while some  remain under the Lufthansa brand.

Air Dolomiti Airlines Reservations

Air Dolomiti Airline booking numbers

Since opening its doors, Air Dolomiti has prided itself on being an efficient and reliable airline that puts customers first. Our service is based on the wishes of our customers. It's one of the reasons we offer multiple daily flights  from each of our airports and are so committed to punctuality and  regular service.

Air Dolomiti Airline Classes

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Economy plus



Air Dolomiti Airlines Facilities

Inflight entertainment via WiFi has been available since 2017 and is installed on all Air Dolomiti aircraft. The service is free  and accessible to all passengers by simply putting your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) in airplane mode and turning on WiFi.

Air Dolomiti Airlines popular Destinations and Hubs

According to Innovata, Air Dolomiti currently flies from five airports in Italy (Bari, Florence, Milan Bergamo, Venice Marco Polo and Verona) to just three other European destinations: Frankfurt, Munich and Moscow Domodedovo.

Air Dolomiti Airline Check-in and boarding pass

The online billing service offers you the opportunity to conveniently bill from home. Once you've checked in, you can  print your boarding pass or  send it straight to your mobile device. If you are flying with  hand luggage only, you can go straight to security with your online boarding pass. From 23 hours before departure you can check in online, select your seat and print out your  boarding pass online or have it sent to your mobile phone. If you try  before 23,, the system will show you the following error message: "We couldn't find a valid ticket for you.Contact the Lufthansa call center. Online check-in is possible for all flights operated by Air Dolomiti. Passengers can select seats and have boarding passes printed online or delivered to their mobile phones - all  from the comfort of their own home, office or even on the go, for themselves and those traveling with them.

Air Dolomiti Airline Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

Baggage allowance and policies may vary from airline to airline. If your trip includes a flight with an airline other than Air Dolomiti, your  baggage allowance may differ: • If your entire trip is operated with another airline, the baggage allowance applies. For example, if you fly with Lufthansa from Milan Malpensa to Munich, the Lufthansa baggage policy applies even if the flight is operated by Air Dolomiti, • If your trip involves connecting flights with more  than one airline, the  baggage policy applies to the baggage of the airline that  the longer route applies.For example, if you fly  from New York to Munich  with Lufthansa and transfer to Venice with Air Dolomiti, the Lufthansa route is longer and your baggage policy applies to the entire journey.

Pet policy

You can transport small dogs and cats in Economy Class and Business Class in a suitable transport box (waterproof, bite-proof) up to a maximum size of 55x40x23 cm. Your pet should be able to get up and lie down comfortably. The total weight of pet + travel bag or pet carrier must not exceed 8 kg (18 lbs). The pet carrier should be placed under the seat in front of you. Pets must remain in the transport box or travel bag at all times.Only one transport box per passenger is allowed.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Air Dolomiti is one of Italy's leading airlines, committed to offering a wide range of domestic and international flights. If you are ready to cancel your flight with Air Dolomiti, you should check Air Dolomiti's cancellation policy before continuing your flight. 24-hour cancellation policy (depending on the country of origin and the airlines) Air Dolomiti takes into account the needs and situations of passengers and implements a 24-hour cancellation policy. Air Dolomiti offers  more flexibility and benefits for  passengers in managing their reservations.According to the 24 -hour cancellation guidelines, passengers can cancel a flight that is reserved on Air Dolomiti within 24 hours after purchase.Contact Air Dolomiti directly on the official telephone number +39 045 288 61 40.


Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Air Dolomiti S.p.A. is an Italian regional airline with its head office in Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, Italy, operating base at Verona Villafranca Airport and focus cities at Munich Airport and Frankfurt Airport in Germany. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa.

If you wish to have information concerning Air Dolomiti flight schedules fares or concerning Air Dolomiti tickets (101-) please call +39 045 2886140* (from Germany +49 089 97580497*) or send an email to

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