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Air Brussels

Air Brussels

Air Brussels, Diegem, Machelen, Belgium, 1831

Key People : Peter Gerber, CEO


Phone : + 32 2 754 19 00 / +32 2 723 23 62

Website : Air Brussels

Founted : 7 November 2006; 16 years ago

About Air Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines, the largest and flag carrier of Belgium, is based at Brussels Airport. It offers charter services, maintenance, and crew training.

Air Brussels Airlines Reservations

Air Brussels Airlines Booking Number

You can also contact a member the Brussels Airlines telephone reservation team in the United States by dialing 866-308-2230

Business Class

We offer the best service, no matter if you are travelling in Business, Premium Economy, or Economy Class.

Premium economic category

Enjoy a relaxing journey in Premium Economy Class. This class is available on long-haul flights and has 21 seats. Your journey will be an absolute delight with a greater emphasis on comfort, personal space, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Economic Class

We offer the best service, no matter if you are travelling in Business, Premium Economy, or Economy Class.

Air Brussels Airlines Facilities

All our flights have plenty of space. Our seating is slim and provides ample space for you to stretch your legs. You can stay productive on the flight with a USB power outlet, and a personal tray table.

Air Brussels Airlines Popular Destinations and Hub

  • Frankfurt - Brussels
  • Gothenburg - Brussels
  • Geneva - Brussels.
  • Hamburg - Brussels
  • Heraklion - Brussels.
  • Hurghada - Brussels.
  • Washington - Brussels
  • Ibiza - Brussels.

Air Brussels Check in and Board Pass Web

Brussels Airlines allows you to check in online and get your boarding pass 24 hours before departure. The rules and guidelines for Brussels Airlines Web check in and boarding pass can be modified by the airport and country.

Brussels Airlines allows passengers to check in online before they leave for their flight. Brussels Airlines makes it easy to print your boarding card and e-ticket. You can locate your flight itinerary by using your Brussels Airlines ticket number or confirmation number. Check-in online for your Brussels Airlines flight is easy and fast.

Air Brussels Airlines policy

Baggage policy, Fees

Baggage must weigh 23 kg (50 lbs. Economy Classes must have bags that are less than 158 cm (or 62") (LxWxH) and 32 kg (70lbs). Or less than 158 cm, 62" (LxWxH) for Business Class.

Consider that luggage must not weigh more than 32 kg (70 lbs). Luggage that weighs more than 32kg (70 lbs. Check-in will not accept luggage weighing more than 32 kg (70 lbs.). For more information, please contact Brussels Airlines Cargo

For a pre-determined amount, you can test various types of large sporting equipment such as canoes, golf bags, and bicycles.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We offer the option to cancel your booking or get a full refund depending on your chosen travel fare, as travel plans can change without notice. You can cancel your online reservation at any time, provided you do not change your mind within 24 hours. All fees including travel insurance fees, optional payments and airline fees are non-refundable.

Air Brussels Policies

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