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Afriqiyah Airways

Afriqiyah Airways, Janzour,, All Khalifa Zaidi, Libya, 83428

Key People : Abobakr Mohammed Alfortiya


Founded : 2001

Afriqiyah Airways

About Afriqiyah Airways

Afriyah Airways is a state-owned airline based in Tripoli (Libya). The airline's main hub is Tripoli International Airport. The airline is a member of both the Arab Air Carriers Organisation and the International Air Transport Association. Afriyah Airways has a smaller network of routes from Mitiga International Airport.

Afriyah Airways flies from Tripoli to London Gatwick four times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Afriyah Airways serves many of Africa's most important destinations, including Accra and Lagos, Johannesburg, Accra and Accra.

Afriyah Airways was due to merge with Libyan Airlines in 2010. However, this was delayed. Afriyah Airways' flight operations were halted on March 17, 2011, following the Libyan Civil War. NATO also placed a no fly zone.

Afriyah Airways is the Arabic name for "African", and it is its name. Its aircraft are painted in striking colours such as yellow, green, and red which reflect the colors Africa.

Afriqiyah Airways Reservations

Afriqiyah Airways Booking Numbers

0208 150 3367

Afriqiyah Airways Classes


Afriyah's Economy class cabin offers superior comfort and exceptional service. With a seat pitch 31 inches (77.5 cm), you'll be able to enjoy more space and a more comfortable atmosphere. Access to the vast array of audio and video programming we offer, as well as our periodic magazine with a wide range of interesting topics including airline news, attractive destinations, and special offers will be available. Your hours in the air will fly by with so much entertainment.


Pamper yourself. Enjoy your holiday in flight. You will arrive rested, refreshed and ready for the perfect holiday. Our menu offers a variety of delicious dishes. We use only the best quality, freshest, and most reliable ingredients to create our dishes.

Afriqiyah Airways Destinations And Hubs

Afriqiyah Airways has currently following destinations as of April 2019

  • Algeria: Algiers
  • Egypt: Alexandria
  • Egypt: Cairo
  • Jordan: Amman
  • Libya: Misrata
  • Libya: Sabha
  • Morocco: Casablanca
  • Saudi Arabia: Jeddah
  • Sudan: Khartoum
  • Tunisia: Monastir
  • Tunisia: Sfax
  • Tunisia: Tunis
  • United Arab Emirates: Dubai

Afriqiyah Airways Facilities

For young passengers travelling alone, we offer separate check-in areas and dedicated Afriyah staff members to accompany them on the flight.

We also provide priority boarding for families with young children, and every plane is equipped with changing tables and bassinets for your comfort and convenience.

Afriqiyah Airways Check-In And Boarding Pass

Check In Online

Web Check-in allows you to pre-register your luggage, choose your seat and meal options, and then check out before you board your flight. Afriyah Airways offers web check-in.

Airport Checking

You can now check in directly from your office or home for Afriyah Airways flights. You can check-in online and print your boarding passes right from your computer. This speeds up the check-in process. The airline will send you the e-Boarding Pass via email.

Afriqiyah Airways Policies

Bagagge Policy

These are the basic rules for baggage free on all Afriyah flights

Business Class

Your checked baggage allowance is 30kg

Economy Class

Checked baggage allowance: 20 kg

Infant Policy

Afriyah airways allows infants less than two years old to travel without a seat. They can also carry one (1) piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 10kg and a sum not exceeding 115cm.

Pet Policy

Your pet can be safely transported in the cargo section of an aircraft if it is kept in a suitable container. The main passenger cabin has the same temperature and pressure. The flight cannot be made so that the pet can be viewed. Afriqiyah allows you to check in with your pet. For more information about booking, cost and procedure for this service, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Afriyah Airways ( Arabic: LkhTwT ljwy@ al-Fryqy@ Al-Khutut al-Jawwiyyah al-Afriqiyyah), is a state-owned airline that is based in Tripoli. It operated domestic services between Tripoli, Benghazi and Brussels, as well as international scheduled services to more than 25 countries in Europe and Africa .

Afriyah Airways, a state-owned airline, is based in Tripoli (Libya). Afriyah Airways' main hub at Tripoli International Airport is where the airline is registered. It is also a member the International Air Transport Association and the Arab Air Carriers Organisation.

Afriyah Airways has a fleet that consists entirely of Airbus aircraft, including modern Airbus 319 and 320 as well as 330. Afriyah Airways currently operates a small route network from Mitiga International Airport to Benina International Airport to Misrata Airport to Sebha Airport. Let's fly together!


Tripoli International Airport is the airline's hub. It has been closed since July 14, 2014, and it remains closed as of October 2016. Afriqiyah Airways operates a smaller route network from Mitiga International Airport.


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