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Aeroméxico Connect

Aeroméxico Connect, Mexico City, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, 66600

Key People : Andrés Conesa


Founded : 1988

Aeroméxico Connect

About Aeroméxico Connect

Aerolitoral S.A. de C.V. (formerly Aerolitoral) is Aeromexico's regional airline. It operates Embraer E-190 planes and has crew bases in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Mexico City. Its headquarters are in Monterrey. It provides feeder services to AeroMexico’s hub airports using four-digit flight numbers. It is the largest and most important regional airline in Mexico. It offers more than 300 flights per day to 42 destinations in Mexico and 11 in Central America. Its main bases in Mexico City and Monterrey are Guadalajara. Aeromexico Connect flights can be marketed under the name Aeromexico.

Aeroméxico Connect Reservations

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Aeroméxico Connect Classes

Economy Class

The entire experience is easy, comfortable, and welcoming, even in economy class. The staff are all friendly and helpful. There is a complimentary meal service, as well as great entertainment options. It was a pleasant flight. Aeromexico Economy Class provided a warm experience in all aspects. Aeromexico is preferred over domestic US carriers like American and United if you are traveling across the Americas..

Business Class

Business class passengers on Aeromexico will be able to enjoy comfortable seats with good food and plenty of legroom. You can also enjoy entertainment. In any event, class passengers aboard Aeromexico will have a comfortable seat with good food and plenty of legroom. 

Aeroméxico Connect Facilities

JACDEC Flight Safety Rating Answers the Question "Is Aeromexico Safe?" They are rated 43 out of 60, an increase from the previous year's 127.

The Aviation Safety Network noted that Aeromexico passed IATA Optional Safety Audit. This is a benchmark in global safety management.

Aeromexico Airlines cites an 89% time performance and 99% completion rate

Aeromexico has been added to the FlightStats Airline Partnership Program . This program provides real-time information about Aeromexico flights and stats about Aeromexico’s on-time arrivals at destinations.

AirHelp received a 7.8 rating from Aeromexico's Aeromexico reviews about on-time performance

Aeroméxico Connect Popular Destinations And Hubs

Aeromexico Connect has seen significant growth in the Mexican domestic market over the past few years. Aeromexico has made it a major part of its strategy to stay in the industry. Aeromexico Connect has taken many of its domestic and international short-haul routes from Aeromexico since 2004. The holding group of both airlines aims to continue developing Aeromexico Connect in markets where mainline Aeromexico will not profit. This is especially true after the arrival of the Embraer E-190, which is capable of operating longer routes than those previously served by mainline Aeromexico's DC-9 and McDonnell Douglas MD-87 aircraft. The airline's decision to replace some Embraer 145 aircraft with Embraer 190 or Embraer 170 jets is also of interest. These are currently being manufactured for Aeromexico. In 2012, three new Embraer 170s were delivered. In 2017, they completely replaced the ERJ 145. They serve international destinations in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras as well as Mexico's regional routes.

Aeroméxico Connect Check-In And Boarding Pass

AeroMexico Connect allows you to check in online for your flight.

The web check-in feature can be used between 48 and 24 hours before your flight. AeroMexico Connect will require the booking reference number and the last name to check in online.

Enter these details in GetPassbook. Next, go to AeroMexico Connect to complete your AeroMexico Connect Check-in.

After you receive your PDF boarding ticket, upload the file to GetPassbok. The pdf can be converted to Apple Wallet or Android/Google Pay Wallet.

We will email you the AeroMexicoConnect Passbook. Your pkpass can be saved to AeroMexico Connect/Gpay so that it is always available on your phone.

Aeroméxico Connect Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

AeroMexico's baggage fees policy is quite simple in comparison to other airlines. It is important to note that, if you have to pay for a route , the first two bags will be free. You can save quite a bit of money by paying at the airport instead of at the time of booking.

AeroMexico allows you to carry 1 piece of standard luggage and 1 personal item. These dimensions are for the standard carry-on only and not for personal items: 21.5 x 15.7x 10 inches each. The combined weight of both items must not exceed 22 pounds (10kg).

Pet Policy

Aeromexico allows small dogs and cats to fly with them in the cabin as long as they are less than six hours long. One pet is allowed per passenger. Pets must be kept in carriers. The combined weight of pets and their carriers should not exceed 20 pounds (9 kg). Mexico charges domestic travel fees of $1,350 MXN in the low season, and $1,700 for high season. International travel fees are $162 USD (international) and $168 USD (high season).

Refund And Cancellation Policy

A reservation can be cancelled if a visitor is not able to travel on the originally scheduled date. Aeromexico's cancellation policy can be used to cancel your reservation. You can do this following the rules of our reversal policy. This policy or feature will help you understand the rules and avoid paying reversal fees if a flight is cancelled due to a natural disaster.

This airline company offers a 24-hour cancellation option that allows tourists to cancel an emergency flight. This can be done within twenty-four hours after booking a ticket. This policy or feature is only applicable if the ticket was booked via Aeromexico's main site or at the airport ticket counter. Reversing a booking is possible with the following policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Aeromexico Connect is the regional airline that Aeromexico has based on 3,581 service ratings in the last year. It is located in Monterrey. It is the largest regional airline in Mexico and offers flights to over 45 destinations in Mexico, 6 in America, and 4 in Central America.

AeroLitoral, representing Aeromexico, returned to Austin in 2007 and reopened Guadalajara's hub with a 32-frame ERJ fleet. Aeromexico had announced in November 2007 that AeroLitoral would become Aeromexico Connect when the E-190s arrived.

Aeromexico Connect's headquarters is located at Mexico City International Airport, which is one of the busiest airports for air traffic in Mexico. Aeromexico's hub airport is Mexico City International Airport. It has two runways, and hosts nearly 40 million passengers annually.

Aeromexico Connect now flies to the Americas from Santo Domingo and Cancun, Los Mochis in Mexico City, Cancun, Cancun, Cancun, Cancun, Cancun, Cancun, Cancun, Mexico City, Dalls and Detroit as of 2021.

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