Aerolíneas Estelar

Aerolíneas Estelar

Aerolíneas Estelar, Las Mercedes, Baruta Municipality, Venezuela, 1080


Phone : +58 412-3127089

Website : Aerolíneas Estelar

Founted : 2009

Key People : Boris Serrano (CEO)

 About Aerolíneas Estelar

Aerolineas Estelar, also known as Estelar Latinoamerica, is a Venezuelan airline. It was established in 2009 and operates out of Simon Bolivar International Airport. The airline offers scheduled passenger services within Venezuella as well as international destinations to South America, Europe, and the USA. The airline has more than 10 destinations..

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 Aerolíneas Estelar Booking Number

 +41 (0) 44 508 47 07

Aerolíneas Estelar Classes

 Economy Class

  Esterlar's main class is Economy Class. This is actually the only available class on the Boeing 737-220 and 737-3000. The Airbus 340-3300 offers the option to fly first or business class.

 Estelar's economy flight class offers a simple but enjoyable experience. It includes all the essentials you need for a pleasant flight.

Premium Economy Class

   This airline does not offer a Premium Economy class.

Business Class

Estelar's Executive Class is an upgraded version for economy class. The premium airport service will provide you with more amenities, extra legroom, and a more comfortable seat. This service is available only for Airbus A340-300 passengers.


  Only the Estelar Airlines Airbus A340-300 flights offer first-class service. This service offers the highest level of service and maximum comfort to passengers.

Aerolíneas Estelar Facilities

 SAFETY: This attribute is what defines and characterizes Aerolineas Estelar.

 TEAMWORK: We encourage the integration of all areas and members of the organization. We value their contributions and help them achieve common success.

 COMMITMENT: We are committed to our customers, suppliers, and collaborators. Trust and an organizational climate are key to building relationships.

 QUALITY OF SERVICE: Our customers are satisfied because of the coordination, efficiency and promptness of our work. This reflects the care and quality we give our passengers.

 INNOVATION: All members of the organization are encouraged to create opportunities for improvement through creative, methodical and ethical ways that are responsible, accountable, and effective.

 VALUES: Satisfaction, Disposition, Experience, Evolution, Integration, Social.

 Aerolíneas Estelar Destinations And Hubs

 Estelar currently serves the following domestic destinations and international destinations as of February 2022:

  •  Rome
  • Cancún
  • Panama City
  • Lima
  • Lisbon
  • Madrid
  • Miami
  • Barquisimeto
  • Barinas
  • Caracas
  • Cumaná
  • El Vigía
  • Maracaibo
  • Maturín
  • Porlamar
  • Puerto Ordaz
  • Santo Domingo

Aerolíneas Estelar Check-In And Boarding Pass

 Check In Online

This airline does not offer online check-in. 

Check-in at the Airport

Domestic flight passengers must be at their destination no later than three hours before departure. International passengers should arrive at least four hours before their flight departure..

Aerolíneas Estelar Policies

 Baggage Policy

A checked bag must not exceed 50 pounds (23kg). There are also size restrictions. Maximum size allowed for a bag is 62 inches in length (total 160 cm). Common sizes for checking through are: 27"x21"x14" (68 x 54 cm x 35cm).

Infant Policy

Most airlines will allow your infant to fly if they are at least two days old. Some airlines may insist that your baby be at least two weeks of age. You should confirm your booking with the airline before you make any changes.

Pet Policy

Your furry friend can travel with you as long as he or she can stand and turn in an FAA-approved pet carrier that can fit under your seat. You may need to weigh your pet and the carrier together in some cases. Please check with your airline.


Children aged 15-17 years old can travel as standard passengers provided that they have a valid identification. Parents or guardians may also allow their child to travel unaccompanied if they so desire.


  • How do you pay Aerolineas Estelar?

Aerolineas Estelar Latin America does not accept checks.

  • How do I get my flight information from Estelar Airlines?

The passenger must be present at the Aerolineas Estelar Latinoamerica counters upon his arrival to the flight.

  • What are the Aerolineas Estelar ticket prices?

Aerolineas Estelar (052-ES) plates issue the WMDs, independent of the airlines included in said tickets.

  • What are the Estelar Airlines discounts?

Aerolineas Estelar Latinoamerica gives discounts to seniors over 60. They are only allowed to use the discount at airports and commercial offices nationwide.

Aerolíneas Estelar Policies

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