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Aero Caribe de Honduras

Aero Caribe de Honduras

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Founted : 2009

About AeroCaribe de Honduras

AeroCaribe de Honduras, a Honduran airline, flies regular scheduled flights throughout Honduras. It also flies domestically to various Honduran islands. The airline currently flies to three destinations in Honduras. It is based at La Ceiba Goloson International Airport LCE and flies directly to Guanaja or Puerto Lempira.

AeroCaribe de Honduras was established in 2009 and offers domestic flights within Honduras. AeroCaribe is a great option to Honduras domestic airlines. It offers frequent direct connections between La Ceiba and Guanaja, as well as Puerto Lempira.

AeroCaribe de Honduras Reservations

AeroCaribe de Honduras Booking Numbers

+58 (212) 959 05 04 

AeroCaribe de Honduras Classes

Economy Class

This airline only has one cabin because it flies small planes. This Economy Class cabin offers comfortable, basic seating. Because of the limited service and small aircraft, amenities are very limited. The airline also has a small crew. Everything is dependent on the size of the plane and flight.

The seating arrangement is 1 x 2.

AeroCaribe de Honduras Destinations And Hubs

Aerocaribe Honduras has its base at La Ceiba, and it flies to Gunaja or Puerto Lempira. It flies to 3 destinations. 

La Ceiba
Puerto Lempira

AeroCaribe de Honduras Facilities

In-Flight Entertainment & WIFI

Aerocaribe de Honduras flights do not have Wi-Fi or in-flight entertainment.

The cockpit has a shared screen. This screen is only used to display flight information and not for entertainment.

AeroCaribe de Honduras Check-In

Online check-in

Online check-in is recommended for a fast and simple process at the airport. You can check-in online at the Fastjet Zimbabwe website. To check in for their flight, passengers must enter their last name as well as their booking code. Online check-in is possible from 24 hours up to 2 hours prior to your flight departure.

Airport check-in

Passengers who are unable or unwilling to check in online can still check-in at their airport. You can check in at airports by showing your travel documents to the check-in agent. The check-in desks open between 120 and 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. You will not be allowed to board if you arrive later than 40 minutes before your flight departure.

AeroCaribe de Honduras Policy

Baggage Policy

When you select a flight with Alternative Airlines, the AeroCaribe baggage allowance will be displayed.

Alternative Airlines will display the baggage allowance if a passenger has purchased their ticket already.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Aerocaribe de Honduras flight routes are not all direct. Aerocaribe de Honduras operates direct flights from La Ceiba, Guanaja, and Puerto Lempira. If you want to fly from Puerto Lempira or Gunaja with Aerocaribe de Honduras you will need to connect via La Ceiba. If you wanted to fly from Guanaja or Puerto Lempira, the same rules apply.

You can book Aerocaribe de Honduras flights using Alternative Airlines. This search box is located at the top of this page. Simply enter the destination Aerocaribe de Honduras is flying to, then select your dates and number of passengers, and click on Search.You don't have to search for Aerocaribe de Honduras flights if you are unable to find them on our website. We have tons of airlines that fly within Honduras and they will be listed as an option in your flight search.

Aero Caribe de Honduras Policies

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