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Adria Airways

Adria Airways, Pristina, Tirana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 4210


Phone : +386 (0)1 36 910 10

Website : Adria Airways

Founted : 14 March 1961

Key People : Holger Kowarsch (CEO), Sven Kukemelk (CEO)

About Adria Airways

Adria Airways was the national airline of Slovenia. It began on 14 March 1961 and ended on 30 September 2019. In 1969, it bought its first jet aircraft, the Douglas DC-9. In December 1981, an Adria airplane crashed in Corsica. The crash killed 180 people.  Adria bought its first Airbus A320 in 1989. As of June 2015, Adria has 12 airplanes. 

Adria Airways Reservations

Adria Airways Airlines Booking Numbers

The booking of the airway can be done online or from any other online portal. The booking needs to be done well within the time frame that is mentioned online- at least 3 to 4 hours prior to what you are planning in on flying. All you need to do is to book the tickets, with respect to the departure and arrival, round or single trips and the likes. The next details are of the person who would be flying.

Adria Airways Airlines Classes

Here are the classes, economy class that is for the people who do not wish to have the extra benefits taken off otherwise. There is business class too which has additional benefits and that also costs a little extra. The next one is a jet, which can be taken off with details on the website of Adria airlines.

Adria Airways Destinations and Hub

There are not many destinations that the Adria airways reach out to. This airline is the member of star alliance. The Adria airways goes out to only 20 destinations that cover both prime domestic and international destinations. There is only one hub that the Adrir airways and that is the headquarters too.

Adria Airways Check-in and boarding pass

Adria Airways Web check-in and boarding pass allows web check-in 24 hours before departure. Adria Airways Web check-in and boarding pass' rules and guidelines can be varied by the airport & country.

Adria Airways Web Check-In

Adria Airways allow passengers can do a web check-in before 24 hrs of departure. You print your boarding pass and e-ticket using the simple process of Adria Airways. Locate your flight itinerary using your Adria Airways ticket or confirmation number and name (appears on your e-ticket) or by using your Adria Airways frequent flyer account number. Online Adria Airways web check-in is the easiest and fastest way to check-in for your Adria Airways flight, home or abroad.

Adria Airways Airlines policy

Baggage policy and Fees

The Adria ensure that their fliers pay for as much carry-on baggage they really need. All Adria Airlines tickets fare includes one item of hand baggage. However, you always have an option to buy an additional baggage allowance.

Fliers allow to carry hand baggage weighing up to 8 kg and with dimensions exceeding (55 x 40 x 23)cm is included in all cabin classes except Business class, where fliers permit to carry two pieces of hand baggage. Passengers can take certain personal items abroad without any fee, such as a camera, laptop, an overcoat, handbag, or similar. If you want to carry checked baggage with you, then you have to buy an additional baggage allowance.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

Are you planning to fly with Adria Airways? Find solution's you need to know about Adria Airways baggage allowance, fees and charges and restrictions.

Carry-On Baggage

Adria Airways passengers are permitted to bring on-board the aircraft one piece of cabin baggage, plus one personal item, such as a briefcase, camera bag or small backpack. Your carry-on baggage should fit into the Adria Airways overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

Carry-on baggage cannot exceed 114 centimetres in combined width, length and height; this includes any wheels and handles– with the exception of some of the musical instruments that fit in the Adria Airways overhead compartment space or under-seat space available at the time of boarding.

Pet policies

Only dogs and cats are allowed to travel in the cabin. The combined weight of the pet and their carrying container must not exceed 8 kg (17.6 lbs). All pets must travel in a pre-approved kennel for the duration of the flight.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Can I get a refund? If Adria Airways cancels the flight, they must refund the price of ticket to passengers. But if you decide to voluntarily cancel your scheduled flight, you are not entitled to a refund.

Adria Airways Customer Care Numbers

Please contact our customer service department in the following e-mail address:
You can also reach us by phone at +386 1 369 10 10

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Yes, Adria Airways allows web check-in for its flights

Yes, you may web check-in for your Adria Airways flight before 24 hours of departure and ending 60 minutes before. You can do Adria Airways web check-in using simple steps.

  • Online check-in (Web check-in)
  • Adria Airways Mobile check-in
  • Adria Airways Counter check-in at the airport
  • Kiosk check-in at the airport
  • Call Adria Airways customer care at +386 (0)1 36 910 10.

Check-in is available starting 24 hours before your scheduled departure of your Adria Airways flights. Minimum time requirements for Adria Airways check-in, baggage check and boarding may vary based on your departure airport and destination. Find more information and help on how to get started with your Adria Airways flight check-in on

  • On your computer, open your Internet browser and go to
  • Click on the box that says “Check-in”
  • Enter your confirmation number and last name.
  • When you've completed check-in, it will prompt you to print your boarding passes.

Yes, you make payment online at Adria Airways website Under manage booking on Adria Airways page add your extra bag and see how much weight allowed in Adria Airways flights.

Boarding closes at the following times for Adria Airways flights.

  • 15 minutes before scheduled departure time for US domestic Adria Airways flights
  • 30 minutes before scheduled departure time for most international Adria Airways flights to/from the US. Some non-US airports close boarding 60 minutes before scheduled departure time. Check for exact details.

Adria Airways Policies

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